Monday, February 2, 2009

What have I been working on?

Crocheting on this and that...

Well, I started out making these baby sweaters for my charity HeartFelt Angels. (Sorry for the blurry picture) Then I started looking for the blue yarn to make a blue sweater and got caught up into something else! I need to go back and finish putting on the other sleeves and finish the blue sweater! But I found myself going through Etsy and found a pattern that I just had to have! I just thought it was sooooo adorable and had to have it!

This is the pattern I just had to have! The purple Cupcake Purse. Like I said - I just fell in love with this little purse! I made a bigger cupcake purse for my last Craft Show and it was a big hit there. It was big enough to put the little cake carrier, plates, and cups from Tupperware. (I had a Tupperware lady next to me and she tried it out!) So when I saw this pattern, I had to get it. I have a lady wanting more of the bigger purses to put things in it for Easter!

After I made the purse, I started digging through my yarn to make more scarves for The Bridge Project.

OH! Forgot one other item!!! I got another pattern to make the cutest newborn baby dress and bonnet. I made that too, but didn't get the bonnet finished yet. I'll share a picture of that when I get it finished.

And then....I found this really cool site called "That Crochet Guy" and found another pattern for a really pretty shawl to make. His work is awesome! So I got that going too!

This was a week of WIP's for me! I have other projects I need to finish and get to people. But I see something different and pretty and JUST HAVE TO try it! I need help....LOL!


Sandy said...

Man lady, you've been busy. You make me tired thining about all those items you finsihed, and are working on.


Ally said...

Where can I find the cupcake purse pattern?