Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am so excited!!! I will be working as a LPN at Somerford Assisted Living in Hagerstown, MD. It's about 45- 50 minutes to work. And not far from my last employment. This Friday is my physical and drug test, then Tuesday, I begin Orientation. It's only part-time evenings, but I have my foot in the door! I finally got a job! My shoulders feel a little lighter now!

Hayden's bone marrow transplant is scheduled for March last day of orientation. I promised I would be there, but Chris understands. Sure will be a rough day for me. But I told him as soon as I clock out - I'm heading to DC to be with them all!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My visit with Hayden!

25 years ago, I SWORE I would never drive through Washington, DC. Well, I did yesterday - right through 5 o'clock traffic! Just to go see my Hayden!!!

I was a nervous wreck driving thru that garbage!!! I was 6 minutes from the hospital and it took me an hour to get there! I had the BEST time with Hayden! He has gained weight and looks so good! He's talking more and asking more questions too! :) We played cars, camped out on the floor with his pillow and blanket watching tv, ate Oreo Cookies... visiting hours were over at 8pm....I didn't leave till 10pm! Oops! No one said a word! But what broke my heart was when I was leaving he told me "don't go" 4 times. I got to the car and lost it. I finally made it out of Dodge and got onto familiar roads - took the long way home! I had the best time - just way too short! Got pictures and a video...just waiting on my computer to get fixed!!! Can't wait till Friday to see him again! Chris and Trish are going out for a while to give her a break from the hospital. They could stay out for hours, I wouldn't mind! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Hayden

Hayden was sent to ICU last week because his potassium level dropped really low. He's wasn't there but a couple days and back to his room. Yesterday, his other Grandma shaved all his hair off. So it won't be a shock when it does start falling out. Today, he goes to surgery to have a "stomach tube" placed into his stomach. Trish was told that this helps kids going thru this since they don't want to eat while going thru this treatment. They can feed him thru this tube so he doesn't lose any more weight and hopefully "fatten him up" some!

I'll be honest here, my heart is just breaking. To hear my son talk, when I give him hugs. He has to work and take care of his family. But he wants to be with Hayden so bad. We all will be so glad when this is all over with and Hayden can be a little boy again and doing what boys do!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your continued prayers!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chemo for Hayden begins tomorrow....

Trish had a meeting with all the doctors yesterday. They have decided to move ahead as planned with Hayden's Chemo and bone Marrow transplant. He will receive chemo for one week, take a break and then he will get his bone marrow. Trish says Hayden is in good spirits, flirts with the nurses, and has even gained 4 1/2 pounds! He ate his first hamburger the other day and loved it! (He never would eat them before!) The Dr's told Trish they feel good about the outcome for Hayden and looking to go home the first of April!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers - please keep them going!

Monday, February 1, 2010

One week in hospital for Hayden...

....and he doesn't like it! When people visit, he wants to leave! Poor lil' guy. Before anyone can visit, you HAVE TO HAVE the H1N1 shot. So...I guess that means I need to go get my shot at the Health Department before I can visit. NOT looking forward to it! Chris and I had to wipe down ALL of his toys, books, etc. before Chris could take them to the hospital. He was so excited to have his toys in the room with him! Trish is decorating the room with all the cards he has received so far!

He was supposed to get his port put in today, but they are waiting for test results to come back. I'll share the final diagnosis when they get the results back. They re-tested all his blood work! And with what they told the kids last week - I'm glad they did!!!

The above picture was taken the last time Hayden was here visiting with me. We had fun on my laptop computer taking pictures of us!