Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nags Head Trip and crochet!

These are just a few of some pictures I took while on our trip to Nags Head, North Carolina. I set up a photo album on Picasa for all to see my pictures. (See sidebar for link!) I have more to upload, so check back to see them! It was a great time. Chilly and windy, but so peaceful. It rained the first 2 1/2 days. We stopped in Raleigh, NC on Saturday to see Chuck's son. He is attending NC State. We stayed at Days Inn over night and drove to Nags Head the next day. I was really surprised on how much the ocean has come closer to the dunes from last year. One picture in the album shows how the sand has washed up close to the handrail of the stairs to the beach. When driving to Cape Hatteras, we stopped at one of the pull offs and walked to the beach. There was no one there, so we had it all to ourselves! The ocean just washed up shells right in front of us! So I was in shell heaven! The trips to the light houses, Cape Hatteras and Currituck Beach Lighthouse , were awesome! On St. Patrick's day, we ate at Mulligan's in Nags Head. They have wonderful food! For breakfast, we ate at a favorite place called Stack em' High. Yum, yum! It was a great time! On our way home, we stopped at Virginia Beach to see what it was like. Hands down - we both like Ocean City and Nags Head!

This is a shawl I started before I left home and finished it on the way to the beach. I just love this pattern! So quick and easy! It's called Angel Wings Shawl If you need a quick and easy shawl, I recommend this pattern and give it a 10+! It's so pretty!

Hope you enjoy the trip pictures! Hugs to all!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm still here!

Well, it's been alittle bit since I last wrote. Having "computer" problems, shall I say! Chuck and I took a trip to Nags Head last weekend (update to follow with pictures when I get my internet back!) and my middle son moved into an apt. with his GF. He got HS Internet (Comcast!) for me last year for my birthday. Well, I signed up for Verizon telephone and just had to get the internet with them too! Bad idea! Told me I would have internet on the 26th, then the (week and a half later!)I called to find out they don't have the service where I live! They will call me in 24-48 hrs to let me know if I can get it or not. I asked why didn't the guy do a check when I signed up to begin with? No answer. They even called over the weekend and left a message that I won't be getting internet. (?) Steven was "anxious" to get the internet into his new apt, so he had it changed over before I got home. Thus using my old stand by of DIAL UP (yucky poo!) Anyway, I was so mad that they waited so long to tell me (per say), I called Comcast! They will be here TOMORROW! Is that service or what? So Verizon - CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

I've been busy crocheting onsies and gowns for one to three pound babies. Working on a combination v-st and shell pattern baby afghan. So many WIP's! I gotta stop that! Took my youngest son to the ER this past Friday evening and was 10 rows short of finishing a shawl while waiting there! Four hours waiting and still wasn't seen. (We went home and ended up taking him the next morning at another hospital in the next town!!!) OH! I finished a shawl for ME on my way to Nags Head. Chuck took a picture of me wearing it in front of the ocean. More pics to share! Hugs to all!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend Road Trips

Do I need to say where I went to? hahaha Chuck and I took off early last Sunday and drove to Wilmington, DE. We stopped at Delaware Park on one of our road trips and we got $100 to play with. The catch was: You got $50 the day you signed up as a new player and then would have to come back the next day or any other day up until a certain date to receive the other $50. So that is what we did. I walked out with $16! Whoopie!!! Chuck did pretty good! From there we went to Dover, played alittle yarn for Beth :(. Then headed to Ocean City to check out the beach. It was a beautiful day, but by the time we got to the beach, it was alittle bit chilly! But I got to walk the beach and get some great pictures and look at the shells. The tide washes up alot of shells and I guess it was a good thing I didn't have a bag - I would have picked up more than I needed or wanted! As far as you can see, there is a white squiggly line on the beach. That is the line of shells scattered from the ocean. It was a great day out. I was awake for almost 38 hours. I couldn't sleep the night before we left. So I drove to Chuck's early and just waited for him to wake up! I did get a couple 1/2 hour naps in between stops and traveling. Hope I don't do that again!

I found this pattern for a baby sweater and I just fell in love with it! It works up so quick and easy! It's called:
Newborn Ragland Cardigan. I used the big ball of Bernat baby sport yarn and a G hook. It says under the arms, you can use your own pattern choice. So I did a shell stitch. It also calls for ties, but I crocheted around the sweater and put ch 5 in 3 different places on the top front and sewed a button opposite of the button loop. I even cheated - I used the yarn I crocheted with to sew the button on! was done! I shared this pattern with my ladies at our meeting this past Tuesday.

Going on another trip this weekend...going to Nags Head, NC! We will be staying at The Nags Head Inn, Outer Banks, NC. We stayed here last year and it was so beautiful and peaceful! It's right on the beach. This is what I did last year on the balcony - CROCHET!!! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Here is a picture of an afghan I made for a friend of mine from high school. We lost track of each other over the years. I finally found Chuck on Class Mates just before he was getting ready to shut down his information. He used to bum gum from me ALLthe time in school. I didn't mind, he was a great friend! And still is after all these years!

Since my last trip to the beach, we took another road trip to DE and ended up in Wilmington. From there, drove to Dover for me to check out A.C. Moore and Jo Ann's. Gotta love that tax free yarn! LOL It was a great day with Chuck.

Yesterday, Chuck dressed up in his finest Tuxedo and I dressed up in a black velvet long skirt with a glittery red and black top with a long sleeve top over it. We went to the 4th Degree Banquet for the Knights of Columbus in Frederick, MD. It was a really nice evening. When I was driving home, I drove into snow! By the time I got home, the grass was covered, roads wet, and the salt trucks were sitting out waiting. We got about an inch over night. But today it melted....just waiting for the next round tonight!

I've gotten a request for 1-2 pound gowns and onesies, so I have busy working on them. Here is a picture of some previous one pound gowns and bonnets I made in the past. So tiny, but so much needed.

This is a picture of a previous boy's onesie I made.

Well, time to crochet...hugs to all!