Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm still here..... :)

Wanted to share my latest crochet project. I've always wanted to make her and finally did. A lady here in town has a yarn shop called "Never Enough Yarn" - great name for a store right? Well, she and I share the same birthday! So I decided to make it for her. She is such a sweetheart and I just love her store. So now that I shared the picture of my Angel I made on Facebook, others are asking me to make them an Angel! So I am now taking orders for my Angel. I thought about making some for an upcoming craft show, but it is outside. Afraid she may melt from the sun/heat. Don't want to sell a droopy Angel! As for me, I'm back to being "single". 12 years are now gone. Hard to believe how a man can lie so much, yet walk around like a Crown Jewel. Anyway...the twins are getting so big! Went to see them on my birthday (8/25) and Clayton walked up to me and said "I'm gonna kiss you!" What a happy Nana I was! They are just too adorable, growing up too fast! Abby will be a year old Sept. 1st. I miss them so much. They are still in MN. Can't wait till they come home. Have a few craft shows I am getting ready's that time of year again. I didn't do a single craft show last year. My heart wasn't in it after losing Mom. I really do miss her so much. Just too darn quiet at home, that's for sure! I can honestly say - I don't like being alone!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Colby and Clayton

What a wonderful day it turned out to be for Colby and Clayton's 1st Birthday! They had a blast! Clayton had to take a nap before cake time, but Colby held out till the bitter end and then zonked! It was a great day with all the family. Can't believe that it has been a year already! They are so precious and I am so blessed to have such wonderful grandkids and family! Now back to crocheting.... :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where does time go????

Where in the world does time go?

It's been 2 years since the love of my life, ^Hayden^, has passed away. 2 years. Doesn't seem possible. My heart is still empty without him. I miss his smiles, his laughter, him saying my name, watching him blow kisses to people - that I taught him to do. I miss him. But I know he is with GG and they are having fun in Heaven. My Mom and I made a pinky promise and I know she followed thru. I know ^i^

It's been a year since my Mom passed away and her birthday is coming up April 14th. She would have been 76 years old. I miss her so much. More than anyone knows. Just to quiet and lonely at the house. But I keep going on.

Abby is now 7 months old. They are still in MN. I miss them too. Haven't got to see her or hold her yet. But she knows her Nana's voice on the phone. So funny to hear this little girl do raspberries on the phone! Just funny!!!

And the twins! Colby and Clayton will be a year old April 27th. What a joy to see them grow and develop their own personalities. They are doing great. Next visit to Duke in May. So far, by the Grace of God, they do NOT have SCID's like ^Hayden^ had. What brings alot of joy to my heart is that I do the bunny hop song with them. I did this with ^Hayden^ and he would laugh and have the biggest smile on his face...then he would say "do gin" (do again!). Colby and Clayton love it too when I do that with them. Big smiles and laughs. Can't wait till I hear them say "do gin"!!!

Starting a new nursing job in MD next week. Yes, it's 45 miles from home, but the pay and the benefits were hard to pass up.

Still crocheting, and learning new knitting techniques. Having fun learning to knit. It's been a year too!!! But my first love will always be crochet! I'm hooked! hahahaha :)

Till the next time.... hug the ones you love and those those you don't too! :)