Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Up she goes, Up she goes....

Tomorrow I have my surgery to have my gallbladder taken out - I have gallstones. I was misdiagnosed back in November and been walking around like this ever since. Only recently was the pain too much to take and had to go to the ER. After 9 1/2 years with Chuck, he has finally left me for good. (I HATE Mafia Wars and the women of Facebook who take men away from other women!) Yes, I am heartbroken and will be for a long time. I loved him so much. But I guess I was not what he wanted after all these years, so I have to move on with my life, alone. So....

I wanted to do something totally out of the box for BETH before my surgery tomorrow. So I took a plane ride over Winchester. I had the BEST time! It was so much fun - awesome! I even got to take over the controls to fly the plane! I could have stayed up there alot longer!!! Tom took over the controls so I could get some pictures and a short video. It was just an awesome ride!!! I think I've been bitten by the flight bug! I felt like Rose from the Titantic - lol! Or Molly in "Looks Who's Talking" when she was in the plane and she says "I'm flying, I'm really flying"!!! (The second picture is flying over my neighborhood!!!)

Now...to get thru the surgery! My son Matt is taking me. We have to be there at 0530!! I'm the first case!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Love this new bag pattern!

This is a new pattern that I found from another Blogger Friend! It's called
Waves of Color Tote Bag. It is a really quick and easy pattern and I just love the ripple pattern for anything! I'm on my third bag, and honestly have a 4th started! Making these for my craft show in the fall and for gifts.

My son wanted one of these backpack bags for the longest time. I bought one for him, but it didn't hold up too well. So I designed one and he loves it! It's made from the 100% cotton material and the best thing - you can wash it and keep on using it! I am typing up the pattern and will be putting up on Etsy and Zibbet.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Son

Happy Birthday Son Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy Birthday to my son, Chris. I can't believe it's been 26 years ago today. Where has time gone to? I look over your baby pictures and thank God for giving me a wonderful son. You grabbed my heart right from the start!

It's so hard to celebrate this birthday without Hayden. His first birthday without his son. A wonderful day to celebrate, yet his heart aches that his son is not with him on this special day. And my heart aches for him too. I know Hayden misses his daddy and loves him very much. And if he was here with us, Chris would be getting bunches of hugs and kisses for his birthday.

I'm proud of you Chris - I love you with all of my heart!

(Wonder who drew all over his picture??? Grandpa holding Chris at one week old.)