Monday, February 2, 2009

It's snowing again!!!

My son, Chris, finally made it home from out West last week. It was great to have him home. He was supposed to go back out with a new trainer, but his trainer was sick. So Chris got to be home for the weekend and spend time with Hayden and the rest of us! Today, we drove to PA to the CRST facility to meet up with his trainer and hit the road again for his last 2 weeks of training. While waiting, it started misting but later turned into snowflakes. It snowed all the way home to VA. Just wet roads, but got home before it turned into something worse. Our front yard is white again! Here is a picture of Chris leaving in the CRST truck. He's in the passenger seat (you can't see him!) But I'll get a picture of him in the driver seat some day!

While he drove and we sat waiting, I made 2 and a half scarves for The Bridge Project. I deffinately had the mark of a crocheter! :)

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Sandy said...

Glad you had some extra time with your son, and got home before the snow got too bad. Love also hearing you've been busy again with that hook of yours.

I've given you an award, please pop over and read about it.