Friday, June 25, 2010

Look what I can do!

A friend of mine told me about this really neat knitted scarf pattern and I just had to try it after seeing her scarves! LET ME SAY: I am NOT a knitter! I'm learning tho! I either get it too tight or too loose, but I'm trying! But this pattern is so fun and I think it's turning out pretty good! It is so easy and fun! It's called Farrow Rib Scarf (aka Magic Scarf). On #8 needles, you cast on 25 sts. Then *K3, P1, repeat from * across and K1 in last stitch. You repeat this pattern for the entire scarf. I'm using the Clover Bamboo needles and I love the feel of them. I see Christmas presents out of this pattern!!!

Here is a baby sweater I just finished last night. I used a pattern from Bella's and then used my own dc row and cross stitch row. I'm so used to making preemie things that I get so paranoid when making newborn items that they won't fit. Ok...I admit...I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my crocheting!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lightning Bugs.....

Chuck and I went out to get some ice cream this evening. On our way back to his house, I noticed a field FULL of lightning bugs! It was so beautiful to see the flashing lights across the field. I haven't seen that many lightning bugs in years. It was a beautiful show. I was in awe over watching all the lights. Chuck then said something about Hayden in that field trying to catch them. It broke my heart and more tears fell as I realized I missed my chance to share that moment with Hayden running and catching lightning bugs. Which one to catch first! He would have had so much fun! Then Chuck said he is probably catching them in Heaven....I'm sure he is!

Technical Difficulties :)

Just wanted to say Hi to everyone in Blog Town! I am having technical difficulties... ie my computer, shall I say. So right now I am in MD using a friends internet to check on all my email, check all my blog friends, and then on to Facebook! I have missed so much - recipes, new crochet patterns, - can't wait to get back online! So everyone take care and I will check back in! Miss you all bunches!!! Hugs!!!