Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beach and Lighthouse Bum here!

On April 18th, Chuck and I drove to the OBX...again! We have been here all week and leaving for Raleigh, NC tomorrow. Chuck's son is being inducted into the Honor Society at NC State University on Sunday. So he made this into a vacation for us. Will be back home on Sunday - late!

We stopped to see Cape Henry Lighthouse. We didn't realize it was on a military base. Had to go thru the checkpoint/security. It was so neat to see 2 lighthouses so close together. The old and the new! We made it to OBX, and went to the other lighthouses in the area to get our books stamped. We climbed Currituck Beach lighthouse and Hatteras! I was so sore and stepped out the next few days after that! But oh so worth it! I even walked around the top of Currituck...hugging the wall!!! hahaha We went to Hatteras and took the ferry to Ocracoke and saw the lighthouse there. It was a fun ferry ride! We wanted to go to Cape Lookout, but time and $$$ just didn't work together. We're saving it for another trip later.

It's been really nice here. Yesterday we went to the laundry mat and a hail storm hit while we were there! Dime size hail! Then it cleared up and sunshine like nothing happened!

It's Bike Weekend here starting today and the Rolling Thunder is already coming to the OBX! Really neat bikes we've seen! I'll share more pics when I get back home.

I've even got some crocheting in while I've been here! 10 preemie onesies and one sweater!

****Super secret project is going out when I get home!**** :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

It's a Boy....or a Girl????

Trish took a home pregnancy test couple weeks ago and it turned out positive! So she just went to the Dr's for her check up and got an ultrasound. Her baby is due November 21st! It has a little nose...oh so precious! This will be grandchild #2 for me! Got to see Hayden (he's 2!) and he is such a cutie! Uncle Matt asked him if he wanted a brother or a sister and he just put his hands up and shruged his shoulders like, I don't know! I was there to help Trish and see Hayden born. Hope I can be there for this one! I have another grandchild to crochet for!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Lighthouse Weekend!

Last Saturday, Chuck and I took off to Ocean City. We stopped to see the Fenwick Island Lighthouse. It was my first visit to a lighthouse at night to see the lights. I know, it's just a light that comes on and then goes off. But it is beautiful and so much history behind these lights. From there, we went to see the Life Saving Station on the Boardwalk in Ocean City.

For breakfast, we stopped at my favorite spot, The Bayside Skillet, for my strawberry crepes! This was my breakfast. If you walk out of there hungry, it's your own fault!

We went to Assateague to see the ponies. Ponies everywhere! Here's a picture of Momma and baby! We later walked to the beach to check out the shells, but they had been picked over! The Park Ranger told us after a storm, the beach is covered with shells.

From there, we drove to Chincoteague to see the Assateague Island Lighthouse. They are giving it a face lift. This was my "official" lighthouse climb. 198 steps to the top! Chuck took the pictures at the very top. I got as far as popping my head up just far enough to look around at the view. There wasn't enough room up there to walk for my comfort! Just alittle tight up there! When I got outside, the muscles in my legs got so tight, I had to sit for a few minutes! It was a beautiful, clear, warm spring day! On the way home, we made one more stop to take pictures of the Sandy Point Lighthouse, near the Bay Bridge. I took my crocheting with me, but didn't work a stitch. Just busy sightseeing and enjoying the day with Chuck. I uploaded all the pictures of our weekend into Picasa. (Click on the link on sidebar!) Hugs to all!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Lighthouse Visit!

Last Saturday, Chuck and I picked up his Mom and we went to Solomons, MD to see the Drum Point Lighthouse. It was a little overcast when we got there, but no rain. It was a great time! His Mom just climbed right up into that lighthouse like it was no problem at all! I was ok once I got inside onto study floor! But as I started to climb up to the light, my legs got shaky and I had to stop...Chuck took that picture of me stopped in my tracks! So he took pictures of the light for me. (Note: When I was a teenager, the family went to a park near Lancaster, OH where there were water falls. My step-sister and I tried to walk out onto a rock ledge to see if there were any fish in this hole filled with water! She started to slip and she went back to the walkway. But oh no - Beth just HAD to go on! I almost got to the hole, I fell onto my stomach, started sliding down and I just rolled over onto mt butt...I yelled "Here I go..." My step-sister yelled "There she goes..." and I see my dad running down the steps. I started praying for no rocks, you know like the kind in the movies where the cars hit and flip and bounce off of? I didn't want to be like a car. Well, no rocks! I landed on my butt in a big puddle of water and I jumped to my feet! I was drenched, but not hurt. Just as I hit the water, my Dad came around this big rock to me. I turned around to look behind me and there were 2 girls, in the cave..smoking! Imagine the thoughts going thru their minds, sneaking a cigarette, and this body drops to the ground in front of you! LOL So...ever since then, I'm scared of heights. Legs get shaky and lock up!) So it was a really nice day. I got 11 granny squares finished on our trip for an afghan I was asked to make. I'm about a third of the way finished making squares. Making a granny square afghan for a queen size bed. It will take 90 squares squares and I'm using the flat braid joining. So pretty! Hugs to all!