Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finished Two Lapghans

I finally finished these two lapghans for my Aunt Norma and Uncle Raymond in Colorado. Plan on mailing them out tomorrow. They've both had their share of cancer, but they keep pushing on. I hope they feel the love that was stitched into these lapghans.


Ghost said...

They are just beautiful and I know they will be used with love and memories of who made them.

crochetbutterfly said...

I love the lapafghans you made for your aunt and uncle they both are very beautiful. I was wondering what pattern you used for the Beige and blue verigated one. I crochet for the babies and am always looking for a variety of patterns. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for such a wonderful blog.

crochetbutterfly said...

Hi Crochet Princess I just left a comment about the pattern for the
pattern for the beige and blue afghan but did not check off where to send the answer to so I am checking it off now. You did a great job on all your crochet projects!!