Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the Award goes to.......

Before I say my award choices - Like others, I wish I had more to give out. It was a tough decision for me. Every blog I go to is wonderful! So with that being said, the awards go to:

*Kelly/ Bella Bambina - She has designed the best patterns for babies for those of us who love to crochet for baby charities. But not only for her patterns, she loves to make baby items and give them to those in need. She has such a giving heart! I love going to her blog to see what is going on in her life, check out the pics, and any new patterns! Thanks, Kelly, for a Fabulous Blog!

*Cats-Rockin-Crochet - I really love going to her site to see what's going on and checking out the patterns she offers! She has the best pics of projects to get you through them. It's neat that she lives in Australia and see what is going on there. We have Christmas in the cold here, and she is having Christmas in the backyard! And I fell in love with Rev! He is so adorable. So will be checking back more to see how he is getting along! Another Fabulous Blog!

*Lisa/The KnittingWahoo - Lisa is a true Virginia Tech fan! (hahaha) That's wrong - she's a true blue and orange UVA fan! I just had to do that! :) She knits and gives from her heart. She has sent many items to my charity and helps others. Lisa is a wonderful person. Love your Blog, Lisa!

The next two go to a couple of ladies who are new to the blog scene, just like me.

*Danette's Charity Crafting - I have known Danette for several years. Although we have never met in person, sat and crocheted together, or given each other a crochet hug when we need one, she is a very special friend. If I could pick a sister - she would be mine! She has a true love for helping babies everywhere she can thru her charity, God's Tiny Angels. She loves to crochet as much as I do, probably more, and you can find her crocheting something for the babies all the time...well...9/10's of the time! Danette has a big heart for her charity and her family. So I am giving her this award because of all the things she has done and all the wonderful things she will do in the future on her blog! Your blog is just Fabulous, Darling!!!!


*Faith/Crochet by the Sea - Faith's site caught my eye because I went to the Outer Banks last year and fell in love with the ocean there. I can see myself sitting in that chair on the sand, and wiping the sand off my yarn! I love to check out her blog to see what is going on in her life, check out her recipes, her crochet projects (LOVE the Crinoline dolls!), and learning about shopping and stocking my pantry. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to seeing your blog grow and learning more! Another Fabulous Blog in the making!

Wow...there they are! Now, Save the picture of the award to your computer and then post it on your blog. Don't forget to link it to my blog so people will know that the award was given to you from me!

Then...YOU pick five people to give the award to, let them know by sending them a note, and they will follow the same procedure.

Thanks again, Sandy, for my Award! Congratulations to the above ladies!


Faith said...

WoW! An award...I am so honored...and am so must have been all my great photography
which was displayed....LOL :)

Thank you for your kind words and the honor...I am so appreciative...


Ghost said...

Looks great on your blog. Congrats to you.

cats-rockin-crochet said...

I'd like to thank you for the very nice things you have to say about me, thank you and also thank you for the award. Isn't it nice to know people really do read your blog. I'm off to check your's out now. Cheers from down under, Cat.

Kelly said...

Thanks so much for the award Beth!! and congratulations to you for receiving it.

Lisa said...

Thanks so much.. I feel very honored for the award....

Your teasing about VT... Well let me say that being in Roanoke I get that constantly... but it still does not stop me.

Thanks again for your kind comments.