Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Ring in the Sand

Here is the ring I found in the sand on the beach at Ocean City 2 days after Valentine's Day. (I used my heart ring box from Kay Jewelers to take the picture!) I haven't taken it to a jeweler to see if it's "Real or No Real"...hahaha I did find out today that the stones are loose and another is missing. ;( Either way, I want to take care of it. Wonder what the story is behind it?

Ssshhh...don't tell!

This is a sachet I made for my Secret Sister. It is called "Heart Sachet". It looked more like a pineapple sachet when I got it done. But so pretty! Just had to share! Hope she doesn't find my blog...I'll be busted!

Monday, February 16, 2009

I Left My Heart ...

...In Ocean City, MD! Chuck took me to the beach for the weekend. It was chilly, but so beautiful! Saturday evening, I made the big heart in the sand. By the next morning, someone else had made a small heart beside it. We walked on the beach several times. On Sunday, we took our last walk before leaving. I love walking on the beach and looking for shells. But what I found on my walk, was surprising. I saw something silver and shiny in the sand and thought it was a washer or a screw. Wrong... It was a ring! It looks like the silver anniversary ring that was popular several years ago, with all the stones around it. It looks like it has been well worn, or well beaten by the water and sand, like stones in a tumbler. But amazing...only one stone missing! Real or not, I thought it was amazing to find a ring on the beach in the winter! To think of the stories behind this ring.... :)

This was the sunrise on Sunday, February 15th. I laid in bed watching the sun come up. It looked like it came up right out of the water. Just beautiful. But had to get up and get pictures before I missed it all!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day! Chuck and I are going away this afternoon and not sure where we are going at this time! He likes to take me away and surprise me when we get I'll check back with everyone later! Have a great weekend! (Yes, got my yarn packed already!!! :) And I already got a dozen yellow roses - my favorite! They are so pretty with the baby's breath!
Crochet Hugs to everyone!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Traveling Scarf

As you can see, I started out pretty good! But as it started to get darker and I was getting closer to the ocean, I guess I got carried away! I finally put it down so I could take in the glimpses of the ocean as we were driving by! Now, to frog a few rows... :)

Guess Where I Went on Sunday???

Beach custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more -

Chuck and I took a car ride and ended up in Delaware. We had a late lunch and then started driving down the Coastal Highway through Rehoboth Beach, Bethany, and finally made it to Ocean City, MD. We were hoping to get dinner at one of MY FAVORITE restaurants, The Bayside Skillet. If you love strawberry crepes, they have the best and BIGGEST I have ever seen! Chuck makes good crepes, but these are HUGE! But, as fate would have it, they were closed. Many places were closed.

It was odd to drive down the highway and see all the cottages, homes, and apartments dark....compared to summer! Motels/Hotels closed. I know it's "winter", but it was different to see the other side of the beach during the winter. It was in the 60's Sunday and just beautiful. By the evening, it started to get a little nippy. We parked by the boardwalk and walked over to see the ocean. At 7 pm, there was a full moon dancing on the waves. It was beautiful. The ocean had a different sound at that time. It was awesome. I forgot my camera, so tried to take a picture with my cell phone. Didn't work. (That's on my list to do next time I go to the ocean!) But it was a beautiful ending to a great day! We finally found a place to eat and then drove home. The moonlight on the water as we were driving over the Bay Bridge was another awesome sight. So I had a great Sunday. (Yes, I took my crocheting...I'll share a picture of my scarf - what a laugh!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have a Confession...

You know those reusable bags you see everywhere in the stores to put your purchased items in so you don't use paper or plastic bags?

Did you know that they are great bags to put your WIP's in and when you go somewhere, you can just grab a bag?

Did you know that I have a WIP in my Wal Mart bag, my Jo Ann's bag, my Food Lion bag, my Lowe's bag....and Target has a really pretty red one that I just bought....

i need help! hahaha

Anyone else have this problem or am I the only one? :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And the Award goes to.......

Before I say my award choices - Like others, I wish I had more to give out. It was a tough decision for me. Every blog I go to is wonderful! So with that being said, the awards go to:

*Kelly/ Bella Bambina - She has designed the best patterns for babies for those of us who love to crochet for baby charities. But not only for her patterns, she loves to make baby items and give them to those in need. She has such a giving heart! I love going to her blog to see what is going on in her life, check out the pics, and any new patterns! Thanks, Kelly, for a Fabulous Blog!

*Cats-Rockin-Crochet - I really love going to her site to see what's going on and checking out the patterns she offers! She has the best pics of projects to get you through them. It's neat that she lives in Australia and see what is going on there. We have Christmas in the cold here, and she is having Christmas in the backyard! And I fell in love with Rev! He is so adorable. So will be checking back more to see how he is getting along! Another Fabulous Blog!

*Lisa/The KnittingWahoo - Lisa is a true Virginia Tech fan! (hahaha) That's wrong - she's a true blue and orange UVA fan! I just had to do that! :) She knits and gives from her heart. She has sent many items to my charity and helps others. Lisa is a wonderful person. Love your Blog, Lisa!

The next two go to a couple of ladies who are new to the blog scene, just like me.

*Danette's Charity Crafting - I have known Danette for several years. Although we have never met in person, sat and crocheted together, or given each other a crochet hug when we need one, she is a very special friend. If I could pick a sister - she would be mine! She has a true love for helping babies everywhere she can thru her charity, God's Tiny Angels. She loves to crochet as much as I do, probably more, and you can find her crocheting something for the babies all the time...well...9/10's of the time! Danette has a big heart for her charity and her family. So I am giving her this award because of all the things she has done and all the wonderful things she will do in the future on her blog! Your blog is just Fabulous, Darling!!!!


*Faith/Crochet by the Sea - Faith's site caught my eye because I went to the Outer Banks last year and fell in love with the ocean there. I can see myself sitting in that chair on the sand, and wiping the sand off my yarn! I love to check out her blog to see what is going on in her life, check out her recipes, her crochet projects (LOVE the Crinoline dolls!), and learning about shopping and stocking my pantry. Thank you so much for sharing! I look forward to seeing your blog grow and learning more! Another Fabulous Blog in the making!

Wow...there they are! Now, Save the picture of the award to your computer and then post it on your blog. Don't forget to link it to my blog so people will know that the award was given to you from me!

Then...YOU pick five people to give the award to, let them know by sending them a note, and they will follow the same procedure.

Thanks again, Sandy, for my Award! Congratulations to the above ladies!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Very First Award!

Today I received this award, my very first award, from Sandy! (You can click on the award in the sidebar to check out her blog!) Thank you so much, Sandy! I honestly don't deserve this award because I only designed the mittens out of love to help my fellow Buckeyes. (I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio) I will display my award proudly! Thank you! Here is her note regarding my award:

"Next, Crochet Princess (Beth), for not only donating a mound of mittens, but for designing a pattern for mittens for The Bridge Project."

Now I have the honor to nominate 5 other bloggers! Stay tuned for my nominees!

Thanks Sandy....did I already thank you???

Finished Two Lapghans

I finally finished these two lapghans for my Aunt Norma and Uncle Raymond in Colorado. Plan on mailing them out tomorrow. They've both had their share of cancer, but they keep pushing on. I hope they feel the love that was stitched into these lapghans.

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's snowing again!!!

My son, Chris, finally made it home from out West last week. It was great to have him home. He was supposed to go back out with a new trainer, but his trainer was sick. So Chris got to be home for the weekend and spend time with Hayden and the rest of us! Today, we drove to PA to the CRST facility to meet up with his trainer and hit the road again for his last 2 weeks of training. While waiting, it started misting but later turned into snowflakes. It snowed all the way home to VA. Just wet roads, but got home before it turned into something worse. Our front yard is white again! Here is a picture of Chris leaving in the CRST truck. He's in the passenger seat (you can't see him!) But I'll get a picture of him in the driver seat some day!

While he drove and we sat waiting, I made 2 and a half scarves for The Bridge Project. I deffinately had the mark of a crocheter! :)

What have I been working on?

Crocheting on this and that...

Well, I started out making these baby sweaters for my charity HeartFelt Angels. (Sorry for the blurry picture) Then I started looking for the blue yarn to make a blue sweater and got caught up into something else! I need to go back and finish putting on the other sleeves and finish the blue sweater! But I found myself going through Etsy and found a pattern that I just had to have! I just thought it was sooooo adorable and had to have it!

This is the pattern I just had to have! The purple Cupcake Purse. Like I said - I just fell in love with this little purse! I made a bigger cupcake purse for my last Craft Show and it was a big hit there. It was big enough to put the little cake carrier, plates, and cups from Tupperware. (I had a Tupperware lady next to me and she tried it out!) So when I saw this pattern, I had to get it. I have a lady wanting more of the bigger purses to put things in it for Easter!

After I made the purse, I started digging through my yarn to make more scarves for The Bridge Project.

OH! Forgot one other item!!! I got another pattern to make the cutest newborn baby dress and bonnet. I made that too, but didn't get the bonnet finished yet. I'll share a picture of that when I get it finished.

And then....I found this really cool site called "That Crochet Guy" and found another pattern for a really pretty shawl to make. His work is awesome! So I got that going too!

This was a week of WIP's for me! I have other projects I need to finish and get to people. But I see something different and pretty and JUST HAVE TO try it! I need help....LOL!