Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Hayden!!!

Today is my Grandson's second birthday! Time has gone by too fast! Seems like yesturday (well, maybe the day before!) he was born. We (myself and GG...aka: my Mom) went to his other Grandparent's house in WV for his birthday party. It was a lot of fun and full of people and presents! He didn't know what was going on until he saw the cakes. He walked by all his presents several times and didn't know they were for him! It was so cute! But when it was time to open the presents, he had the paper tearing down to an art! It was so precious to see the look on his face when he opened his presents. Wish Daddy (my oldest son) could have been there to see it all too! Chris is out West with a new job and waiting for another trainer. We are having another party for Hayden when Chris comes home so he won't miss another holiday! Hayden really misses his do I!!!

Right after the party, I took my Mom to the Emergency Room. She fell yesturday in the living room. Checked her over and she had a Dr's appointment, and he checked her too. It was today that she was having problems walking and alot of pain in her hip. But she was determined she was going to her great-grandson's party! After an x-ray and CAT scan - no broken hip or hair line fracture. She pulled the muscles around the hip joint. So she will be sore for a few days more. Thank God it wasn't worse! So we're home now, relaxing after a busy day!

Ok, I'm comming.......(my yarn is calling me!!!) Angel Hugs to everyone!


Sandy said...

Glad your mom didn't do badly with the fall, they can be awful scarey as they age. My mom is still a long way from active.

Sounds like the party was wonderful. Too bad your son had to miss it.

Take care

Faith said...

Hope your mom is doing well, you are lucky to have her still...mine has been gone for 30 I lost her when I was 21....

Are just tired of this snow? It is piled up will take a month of Sundays for this to melt.....ah...but the groundhog brings promises of spring...doesn't he??? Have a good weekend, I work the next 3 :( Faith

Faith said...
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Sandy said...

Finished a pair of mitts last night; but for some reason I had trouble with my 2nd thumb. Well, actually I ended up with more stitches on the first one, but it looked proportionate, so I wrote the number in order to have the 2nd one match. I put a few extra stitches in where it appeared to have too big of a gap (on the first one). Think I was toooo tired to count right. They're done; but I do believe one is slightly different in size. errrr

Would like to try you pattern using sc....any idea of row count? Would I use the same count for the thumb opening?

Thanks for your brain

Crochet Princess said...

What's left of my brain...hahaha! Let me play around with the pattern and I'll let you know what I come up with. Too much yarn and not enough time!

Faith said...

Hi Neighbor,,,
Hope all is well with you and answer your question about the crochet lady...yes she is thread really isn't to hard, the dress is all dc
and works up can do it! Not enough time & lots of yarn
it's better than lots of time and not enough yarn though, isn't it...? Have a good one.