Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update on Hayden


Just an update on my grandson, Hayden. Chris called to tell me that he went to see the Dr. at Children's Hospital in DC today.

One of his kidneys is smaller than the other. The Dr will begin blood testing family this weekend for the bone marrow match. If not, he will pull from the National List. The IV antibodies are not working. He wants Hayden to have chemotherapy with hopes it will help him when he receives the bone marrow transplant - with hopes it will stick! (Yes, he will lose all his hair.) He will have to stay at the Ronald McDonald House in DC for 3-4 months. He can't be no more than a half an hour from the hospital.

They are doing more testing today, and will be coming home tonight. So he will going back to Children's Hospital soon. I'll write more when I hear more.

PLEASE continue to pray for Hayden, please? Mom and Dad are having a really hard time accepting all this news. The rest of the family too. Hard to understand how a 2 year old can be so sick.

Thank you so much for all your prayers!!!

***I am having a card shower to fill Hayden's room when he is at the hospital. It will give him something to do and cheer up Mom and Dad. He loves Thomas the Train (his new bedroom is red and blue!)and Cars (Lightning McQueen!) He loves to color and write! He always gets GG's ink pens and writes for her! (I'm Nana and my Mom is GG for Great-Grandma!) He loves to blows kisses to everyone. If you would like to send Hayden a card, please email me for my address. Thanks again!!!


Faith said...

Count me in...I already emailed you


Faith said...

PS...the picture with the chocolate.....a great Wordless Wednesday.....picture...a wonderful
place to be covered in chocolate...
as only a child can be....

Crochet Princess Beth said...

Thank you Faith! Sent you the addy! Miss our chats!

Faith said...

Leavin a light on for you...I'll be here whenever you feel like chit know how to
reach me.....

Sarah said...

Hello - I would love to send cards to Hayden. I have just emailed you. He is so sweet with all that yummy chocolate! He and his family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Sandy said...

As you know my little guy next door also loves Thomas the Train. Does he have a train? Are there cars he's missing? I would love to get him something.

That picture with the chocolate all over, sooooooooo cute.

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