Thursday, August 20, 2009

Book Signing Event in PA

Today was the book signing event at Rachel's Country Store in Newburg, PA with Cindy Smallwood. She is the author of "When the Heart Cries", "When the Morning Comes" and "When the Soul Mends". Her newest book just out is "The Hope of Refuge". I'm reading the second book of the series and they are so good! I hate to put them down!

I had the best time meeting Cindy and talking to her. She signed my books, poster, and even got my picture taken with her. Thank you Judy from PA for taking this picture for me!

The heat and humidity was bad, but it was oh so worth it! Miss Rachel was busy helping everyone and every where, and directing traffic! If you are ever in the area, please stop by and check out her store. She has gifts, candles, scrap booking supplies, books, toys, material, and hand made items too! Such a wonderful place to shop and visit! They were selling pies and I got a slice of my very first Shoo Fly Pie - CHOCOLATE! I'm not a pie crust eater, but this crust was delicious!!! So was the rest of the pie!

So this was my Beth Day out for my pre-birthday present to myself! It was the best day! Thank you Cindy Smallwood and Miss Rachel for being a part of it!

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Faith said...

Looks and sounds like a fun place, a crafty this and that kind of kind of place hee hee.. hot and muggy here today, beach weather..which is fine if you
are at the beach....having a celebrate life day is good...we should be good to ourselves every now and then..we deserve it....