Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trip to NC

Last Friday, Chuck and I drove to Raleigh, NC to help his son, Chuck, paint his bedroom and bathroom in his first apartment! He is a student at NC State. So NO MORE DORMS for him! Good thing it was a small room! Chuck and I were so sore the next day! Muscles hurt that I didn't know I had! hahaha We stayed at Homewood Suites in Cary. If you ever get to that area, please stay there! It is a WONDERFUL place to stay! I had to get a picture of the duck in the bathroom - so cute! And the covered bridge to the hotel is so magical!

On Saturday, we didn't know just where to go, so he got his GPS out and chose a Casino in SC. Well, when we got there, it was on a RIVER BOAT! We both looked at each other and back to the car we went! So then we decided to go to Myrtle Beach. We never been there. When we got there, we left there too! Couldn't believe the high rises at the beach! We felt like we were in NY! So then we went to Wilmington and no place to stay there, didn't get to see Jeff Gordon :(, so we drove all the way back to Cary, where we stayed the night before. We ended up getting the same room!

It was a nice weekend getaway. Had fun painting and spending time with Chuck. Oh! I got 4 baby sweaters and hats crocheted while I was on the trip too! :)


Faith said...

A well deserved trip....and you got some fun in too..sorry you didn't get
to see Jeff Gordon...or as my son called him when he was small chef gordon..enjoyed the pictures....


Faith said...

Hi Beth, Birthday is coming up soon..and I didn't want to miss it...I hope you have a happy, wonderful, memory filled birthday... Are you going beachin?
Whatever you do...

God Bless & Happy Birthday