Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two Women Make a Swing

My friend, Joyce, made a plant swing for her front yard. It is so awesome! She didn't have a pattern - she made it herself! I asked her when she had time, if she could make one for me and I'd pay her. NOPE! She invited me over to her house and we made the swing together! It was the best day! We went out to lunch before we got started. She wanted to take me to Friendly's and we passed the Pennsylvania Dutch Market. She had never been there before, so I talked her into going! I didn't know I messed up her plans - she was going to have them sing Happy Birthday to me! That will teach me to keep me mouth shut! :)

The PA Dutch Market was wonderful! Amish men, women, and children were working hard in there. The smell of wonderful food grabbed you as you walked in the door. I walked into another world in amazement. I ordered hot turkey and gravy sandwich with mashed potatoes. Definitely NOT instant potatoes! She PILED the meat on the bread! Needless to say, it was delicious and I had the other half of my meal for dinner later last night! We walked around to look at all the items they had for sell. The baked goods section made you pick up a few calories just smelling everything! Joyce picked up a pecan pie to have for desert. The furniture, quilts, dolls, kitchen items were all so beautiful.

From there, we went back to her house to get started on my swing. She had picked up the lumber days ago and couldn't wait for this day to get here! I put the back braces together backwards, so she had to correct my mistake! We just laughed and had the best time! I sure learned alot about woodworking! When we finally finished, we had a piece of pecan pie and sat out on the porch, watching the birds and neighbors....and admiring our swing we put together. It was the best day and the best birthday present! I really miss working with Joyce. But glad our friendship has continued over the miles that keep us apart. She lives in MD, about 50 miles away.

Our last laugh of the evening was "trying" to put the frame in my car. Wouldn't fit, so we had to tie it onto the back of my car. I took the back way all the way home to VA. My swing and I made it home safely! I hated to see the day end. Wonder what our next project will be? (Hope it's quilting!)

**For more pictures of our day, please check them out on the side bar in the Picasa photo album!!!


Faith said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfully
fun day...and a well deserved one...the swing...very cool...what
a special friend for a special is like being in a different world in amish....I love
it there...If I ever win the lottery......hee hee

Sandy said...

How awesome, I envy you the day together and the swing. She's sounds like a very special and talented friend. Making a swing by herself without a thats impressive.