Monday, August 10, 2009

Hayden's Prayer Bear and Blanket

Elizabeth, at Shenandoah Storage in Winchester, called to tell me she had a prayer bear and blanket for Hayden. Her church prayed over them both. I went to pick them up and got to meet her Pastor. He was in tears. It really touched my heart to meet them and hear they are all praying for Hayden. I took his bear and blankie to him. He really loved them both! It was so cute seeing him try to read the card with it! He wrapped the blanket around him and walked around his house. Then he put his stuffed animals to bed, covered them with his blankie and said "night, night"! So precious. Hard to look at him and see that he is so sick. Thanks to everyone for your prayers!!!


Faith said...

he is so precious.....the bear & blanket will give him great youngest has a bear, he still sleeps is his comfort space..and they are best buddies..although the poor bear has no son rubs his nose..

another simple blessing received.....

Sandy said...

Oh my, I need to read more to catch up; was visit all Team members

Hugs and prayers for all, and I will continue reading, yes please send me an address so I can send a card.