Sunday, May 30, 2010

Video Tribute to my Grandson, Hayden

This video was made with alot of love and tears in Memory of Hayden, my grandson. No grandmother should ever have to go through what I did, what our family did and especially what Hayden had to endure. We ALL love him and miss him so much.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all your prayers, support, cards, letters, gifts to Hayden, and hugs. We greatly appreciate everything! Thank you!!!


Lisa said...

WOW I can not believe you were able to make that without totally falling apart... It is incredible... and such a fitting tribute to little Hayden.

Anonymous said...

Hello Beth..I just found your blog. My heart breaks for your loss. I only have a small understanding of what you have gone through. I lost my first grandson April 18, 2007. We keep his picture on the wall and talk about him often. His life has changed so many and opened so many doors. May God comfort you in a precious way!

Crafty Sue said...

What a wonderful video!
Beth, I am sure Hayden is proud of his Nana and watching over you.
May God's comfort be with you!

my spare time design said...

I'm so sorry for your loss...what a wonderful little boy, and i'm sure that gorgeous smile will be remembered forever!
You have done a great job remembering Hayden with your video and I hope that these wonderful memories soon outweigh your feelings of loss....
Know that you have educated yet another person about SCIDS, something I thought was irradicated and no longer took the lives of it's young champions, and now I know that even more support is needed for research and treatment.
thank you

Sandy said...

Beautiful, I'm glad to see you do things like this; for me those types of things....talking, pictures etc. were and are very cathartic.

Sandy's Space

CrochetQuackers said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family and as long as you keep his memory alive he will never be forgotten.