Monday, May 3, 2010

Cook Out Fun with the Kids

My son, Chris, and his wife, Trish, invited us to their house for a cookout yesterday. They came to my house early that day and mowed my yard since my lawn mower decided to conk out! After that, Chris worked on my lawn mower, switched out some parts from another mower and waaa works now! Yippee!!! So my Mom and I went to their house later for the cookout. On the drive there, it sprinkled. And the rain held out till after the cookout! We had a nice time there. Hayden's cousins were there and they are so cute. The youngest little girl brought over a handful of photograph albums of Hayden and we looked through them together. Eva was full of energy as always! She's getting attention from my Mom in the one picture. Hated to leave, as always. My Mom left her side of the car window down and my seat, floor board, dash and her purse were all soaked! So she had to ride home in the back seat. I felt like a chauffeur! hahaha


Faith said...

Sounds like a very nice time....with your family. I love cookouts....and they always smell so nice don't they....mmmm.!

Faith said...

Happy Mother's Day Beth!


Sandy said...

Looks like everyone had a good time.

Happy Belated Mother's Day