Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tea Anyone????

On April 24th, I joined the ladies of the Gemstones for a Springtime Tea at our church, St. Timothy's, in Walkersville, MD. The Gemstones are ladies that support the Knights of Columbus. I am a charter member. Years ago, when our group first started, I was voted Secretary and then moved up to Vice President. I left the group for personal reasons. Then after my "dis-engagement" to Chuck, I never went back. I no longer had a "Knight" to support!

As for the tea party - I had the best time! It was my very first tea party I have EVER been to in my life! Fun, fellowship, laughs, and great food! Claudette L. was a guest speaker and I really enjoyed her talk. I hated to see it all end. Time went by so fast. My friend, Dawn, is the President of the group. She and the ladies did a wonderful job. Really made me think about going back...I've really missed the group!

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Faith said...

Beth, it is good! Get back to your have much to offer, and for now.. support yourself...I'm glad you had a good time..Nice to hear from you, are you going another tea party?