Sunday, May 2, 2010

Firefighter's Parade for Apple Blossom

On Friday, two of my friends, Dawn and Mike, and Chuck came to Winchester and we all went to the Firefighter's Parade in Winchester for Apple Blossom. We got a great spot - right at the beginning of the parade route! It is dubbed the "World's Largest Firefighter's Parade". We sat there for 2 1/2 hours! But it was so much fun. Especially when we all got to see "Johnny Gage"....Remember him? Randolph Mantooth from "Emergency"!!! Oh was he looking ever so good! I missed my chance to get a picture of him because people were walking in front of me. My picture was of his arm waving behind a flag! AGH!!! Dawn got the best picture and shared it with me! Thank you soooo much Dawn! I had such a crush on him back in the day. I loved to watch that show!

As you can see, I took a variety of pics. These are just a few to share. I could not get over the OLD ambulances! Wow - one reminded of The Ghost Busters vehicle! The pink Breast Cancer cement truck was just awesome! Everyone clapped when it went by! I took pictures of Luray Volunteer Rescue Squad - the vehicle in the green and white. I used to be an EMT/Shock Trauma Tech back in the day for this company.

Afterwards, we went to Ledo's to eat and then to Dairy Queen for ice cream. We got to see the lights from the carnival. Also, the fireworks were in pink, white and green for Apple Blossom colors! Really pretty - neat idea! It was a very nice time out with friends. I know Hayden would have loved seeing all the firetrucks, rescue squads, lights, sirens, ice cream, and the fireworks. I'm sure he seen them from Heaven!

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