Thursday, March 12, 2009

Weekend Road Trips

Do I need to say where I went to? hahaha Chuck and I took off early last Sunday and drove to Wilmington, DE. We stopped at Delaware Park on one of our road trips and we got $100 to play with. The catch was: You got $50 the day you signed up as a new player and then would have to come back the next day or any other day up until a certain date to receive the other $50. So that is what we did. I walked out with $16! Whoopie!!! Chuck did pretty good! From there we went to Dover, played alittle yarn for Beth :(. Then headed to Ocean City to check out the beach. It was a beautiful day, but by the time we got to the beach, it was alittle bit chilly! But I got to walk the beach and get some great pictures and look at the shells. The tide washes up alot of shells and I guess it was a good thing I didn't have a bag - I would have picked up more than I needed or wanted! As far as you can see, there is a white squiggly line on the beach. That is the line of shells scattered from the ocean. It was a great day out. I was awake for almost 38 hours. I couldn't sleep the night before we left. So I drove to Chuck's early and just waited for him to wake up! I did get a couple 1/2 hour naps in between stops and traveling. Hope I don't do that again!

I found this pattern for a baby sweater and I just fell in love with it! It works up so quick and easy! It's called:
Newborn Ragland Cardigan. I used the big ball of Bernat baby sport yarn and a G hook. It says under the arms, you can use your own pattern choice. So I did a shell stitch. It also calls for ties, but I crocheted around the sweater and put ch 5 in 3 different places on the top front and sewed a button opposite of the button loop. I even cheated - I used the yarn I crocheted with to sew the button on! was done! I shared this pattern with my ladies at our meeting this past Tuesday.

Going on another trip this weekend...going to Nags Head, NC! We will be staying at The Nags Head Inn, Outer Banks, NC. We stayed here last year and it was so beautiful and peaceful! It's right on the beach. This is what I did last year on the balcony - CROCHET!!! :)


Faith said...

ooowhoooooo! This looks Fabulous.....I am envious....a squiggly white line of shells and no BAG??????? What??????? Have a great time traveling to NC...sounds like soooooooooo much fun and relaxation.....I can't even imagine.....going anywhere without the all the pics...thanks for sharing..Good to hear from you...have FUN FUN FUN

Bunny said...

Thanks for sharing the great pics. Have fun in NC.

Faith said...

Lovin the shell things.......sounds likes fun,fun,fun....the yo-yo's give a look on beansleigh, there is a link on my blog for hers.. Give the rag doll a should be to you soon....


Faith said...

Hi by chance have the pattern for raglan baby jacket? I
am looking for a son's
new teacher is expecting her first
and I wanted to get started on a know how I am....with
this stuff.