Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Here is a picture of an afghan I made for a friend of mine from high school. We lost track of each other over the years. I finally found Chuck on Class Mates just before he was getting ready to shut down his information. He used to bum gum from me ALLthe time in school. I didn't mind, he was a great friend! And still is after all these years!

Since my last trip to the beach, we took another road trip to DE and ended up in Wilmington. From there, drove to Dover for me to check out A.C. Moore and Jo Ann's. Gotta love that tax free yarn! LOL It was a great day with Chuck.

Yesterday, Chuck dressed up in his finest Tuxedo and I dressed up in a black velvet long skirt with a glittery red and black top with a long sleeve top over it. We went to the 4th Degree Banquet for the Knights of Columbus in Frederick, MD. It was a really nice evening. When I was driving home, I drove into snow! By the time I got home, the grass was covered, roads wet, and the salt trucks were sitting out waiting. We got about an inch over night. But today it melted....just waiting for the next round tonight!

I've gotten a request for 1-2 pound gowns and onesies, so I have busy working on them. Here is a picture of some previous one pound gowns and bonnets I made in the past. So tiny, but so much needed.

This is a picture of a previous boy's onesie I made.

Well, time to crochet...hugs to all!


Bunny said...

You're welcome to come over to tax free yarn shop any time. :o)
I am not far from Wilmington. AC Moore is about 10-15 min from me.
I think we had like 4" of snow last night. Expecting to get more.

Kelly said...

What pattern do you use for the little gowns?

Great job btw.

Crochet Princess Beth said...

It's "Bev's Heavenly Preemie Gown" from Bev's Country Cottage. I used an E hook and the Red Heart TLC Baby. said...

Hi Princess,

You left a comment on my sisters blog (Ghost) asking about the pillow that I made for her and I am writing to send you the link to the pattern that I used. I will check back to see the ones that you make for the special people in you life.

Scarley-Pooh said...

Faith said...

Where have you been????? Are you ok...? You've been very very quite...what happened with the ring? You did'nt give us the conintuing saga..........inquiring minds want to know..been to the beach? Hope all is well......