Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm still here!

Well, it's been alittle bit since I last wrote. Having "computer" problems, shall I say! Chuck and I took a trip to Nags Head last weekend (update to follow with pictures when I get my internet back!) and my middle son moved into an apt. with his GF. He got HS Internet (Comcast!) for me last year for my birthday. Well, I signed up for Verizon telephone and just had to get the internet with them too! Bad idea! Told me I would have internet on the 26th, then the (week and a half later!)I called to find out they don't have the service where I live! They will call me in 24-48 hrs to let me know if I can get it or not. I asked why didn't the guy do a check when I signed up to begin with? No answer. They even called over the weekend and left a message that I won't be getting internet. (?) Steven was "anxious" to get the internet into his new apt, so he had it changed over before I got home. Thus using my old stand by of DIAL UP (yucky poo!) Anyway, I was so mad that they waited so long to tell me (per say), I called Comcast! They will be here TOMORROW! Is that service or what? So Verizon - CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???

I've been busy crocheting onsies and gowns for one to three pound babies. Working on a combination v-st and shell pattern baby afghan. So many WIP's! I gotta stop that! Took my youngest son to the ER this past Friday evening and was 10 rows short of finishing a shawl while waiting there! Four hours waiting and still wasn't seen. (We went home and ended up taking him the next morning at another hospital in the next town!!!) OH! I finished a shawl for ME on my way to Nags Head. Chuck took a picture of me wearing it in front of the ocean. More pics to share! Hugs to all!

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Bunny said...

I am so sorry to hear about your internet problems. We had Verizon also and switched to Comcast last week. After losing the internet 3 times in one week, it's now nice to be able to get on the computer whenever I want and know it works.
We have not ONE good thing to say about Verizon.
Glad to hear Comcast will be out soon.
Can't wait to see the pics of your weekend.