Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day for Beth

Yesterday was a Day for Beth. I went to the Green Valley Book Fair, which opened yesterday. They were really busy! And lots and lots of great books! I went for 3 things: the crochet books, Amish fiction and cookbooks. A little disappointed on the crochet books - nothing caught my eye. And the $1.00 pamphlets were ones from last year, and not that many. So on to the Amish books - I forgot to write down the ones I already had, but found 3 I didn't have for $4! I really love reading my Amish fiction books! Next - cookbooks! I found a casserole cookbook fix it and forget it (easy for me! hahaha) and a Amish cookbook with lots of good recipes in it! Can't wait to try them! Then I found a beautiful glass picture frame that has flowers on it and the words "Mom" etched on it. I got it and know just the picture I'm putting in it. So it was a nice time at the book fair!

From there, I drove to Luray and sat at my Mom's grave for over an hour. Sat and cried, talked to her, and scratched off 5 Lottery tickets. My Mom loved to get scratch off tickets and she ALWAYS had the luck! So I stopped at 7-11 and picked up 5 to scratch off at the cemetery. Well, she didn't leave me any luck, we lost on all 5 tickets! But I had fun sitting there! Before I left, I gathered up some of the rocks that were tossed around in the dirt. I spelled out "mom" over her name plate. It's something I had to do. I can't wait to get her a head stone. I hated to leave, but I left and went over to her house. More tears. Didn't stay long there, so headed back home.


A friend has been wanting me to go with her to Never Enough Yarn, here in Winchester. A wonderful YARN store for those with champagne taste! I have a water purse! hahaha People can stop in and knit on Saturdays and Sundays. So being a new knitter, I went today. They opened at 12 noon and I left around 3pm. Had the best time and met some wonderful ladies! Experience knitters across the board. Got 3 new patterns and learned some new stitches and techniques. Had alot of fun and just daydreamed looking at all the beautiful yarn. No, I didn't get any - can't afford it! But had a really nice time out. So glad I went. I wanted to stay home and cry some more. Just so lonely without Mom here and no man in my life. (My trust in men is just shattered right now.) But I had a nice time! Chris brought me some homemade veggie soup, so will have that for dinner tonight. I'm so blessed to have Chris as my friend. She a Joyce have helped me thru alot lately. Wet shoulders from crying and all!

So...piddling around the house this evening and off to my interview tomorrow. Fingers crossed and prayers I get it! It's a nursing job in Maryland. (They pay nurses more in MD than VA and right now I need every penny I can get! Mom only had a $1000 policy and I have a big bill to pay! I'm not complaining - she's my Mom! Anything for my MOM!)


Sara said...

What a lovely blog!

Crochet Princess Beth said...

Thank you so much Sara!!! Hugs!

Sandy said...

It's been ages since we've talked. I miss your visits.

Glad to see you had such a wonderful day. I keep wanting to get involved in a group at a knitting shop, but haven't. The few I've spotted while shopping seem to be super experts with little patience for someone who doesn't spin their own yarn etc. Argh

Cute with the lottery tickets. I can see you sitting there and so totally relate. It's been 2 years since I lost Mom, and still from time to time reach for the phone to call and tell her something, then remember I can't.

Hoping you'll swing by for a visit, today is post #400...tomorrow starts the contest.

Sandy said...

I miss your visits, are you not blogging any more? Are you crocheting? Haven't heard from you in so very long.

Hope you'll pop in an let me know how you're doing, and don't forget about the contest.