Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My visit with Hayden!

25 years ago, I SWORE I would never drive through Washington, DC. Well, I did yesterday - right through 5 o'clock traffic! Just to go see my Hayden!!!

I was a nervous wreck driving thru that garbage!!! I was 6 minutes from the hospital and it took me an hour to get there! I had the BEST time with Hayden! He has gained weight and looks so good! He's talking more and asking more questions too! :) We played cars, camped out on the floor with his pillow and blanket watching tv, ate Oreo Cookies... visiting hours were over at 8pm....I didn't leave till 10pm! Oops! No one said a word! But what broke my heart was when I was leaving he told me "don't go" 4 times. I got to the car and lost it. I finally made it out of Dodge and got onto familiar roads - took the long way home! I had the best time - just way too short! Got pictures and a video...just waiting on my computer to get fixed!!! Can't wait till Friday to see him again! Chris and Trish are going out for a while to give her a break from the hospital. They could stay out for hours, I wouldn't mind! :)


HDMac said...

PTL, Beth.... Prayers continue!

Ghost said...

Love your background. I continue to pray for Hayden.

Faith said...

Good news nice. :)
Prayers continued......glad you made it to and from Washington DC
you have much courage...but then...the end result with that little doll of yours....

Ghost said...

I love purple also. no problem.
we have twins in the family so another set if fine with me.

Anonymous said...

The Angels are always with you.Hayden will be so much stronger after all this, and so will you Grandma. Look what it took to get throught D.C. You are all in my prayers.

Sandy said...

Wonderful news. So glad you got to spend time with him. Understand completely what you said about the traffic. Why not do one of the park and rides? Park your car and ride the metro?

Love the new look on your blog, keeping you and yours in my thoughts.


Sandy said...

Checking back in to let you know you're always in my thoughts. Hope things are improving each and everyday.

I've installed new templates on all 3 blogs, love ya to take a peak and leave your thoughts.