Monday, February 15, 2010

Update on Hayden

Hayden was sent to ICU last week because his potassium level dropped really low. He's wasn't there but a couple days and back to his room. Yesterday, his other Grandma shaved all his hair off. So it won't be a shock when it does start falling out. Today, he goes to surgery to have a "stomach tube" placed into his stomach. Trish was told that this helps kids going thru this since they don't want to eat while going thru this treatment. They can feed him thru this tube so he doesn't lose any more weight and hopefully "fatten him up" some!

I'll be honest here, my heart is just breaking. To hear my son talk, when I give him hugs. He has to work and take care of his family. But he wants to be with Hayden so bad. We all will be so glad when this is all over with and Hayden can be a little boy again and doing what boys do!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your continued prayers!


Ghost said...

I just know in my heart that Jehovah will watch and protect Hayden.

Faith said...

Brighter days.....there will be brighter days ahead...

Prayers for strenght and healing...


Sandy said...

Oh honey, I really do know how hard this is; but kids truly are made of tough stuff. Our job as adults is let them get through it; and follow there lead. It's important that he see happy people, people who aren't crying and down. He needs to stay up.

added new template today for travel blog, do swing by...will be a nice change of pace for you

laura said...

I wanted to leave you a note to let you know that me and my family's prayers and thoughts are with you, Hayden and the rest of his family. Believe and have faith, we all have an angel that walks in our footsteps.
All our love to Hayden and your family.