Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thru my Heartache, I'm on Cloud Nine!

Tomorrow will be a week since Chuck broke up with me. Nine years gone over another woman on Facebook and those stupid games. It's been a very tough week. I'm trying hard to move on. But memories just eat me up inside. I lost the love of my life. His birthday is next Sunday and I'm already doing the "what if's"...


Today I received a letter from Virginia State Senator, Jill Holtzman Vogel, of the 27th District about my charity, HeartFelt Angels. I want to share this with all the members of HeartFelt Angels, friends, families, and hospitals we serve:

Dear Elizabeth:

I wanted to send you a note to commend you for all of efforts to help families that are in need. Also, I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful article about you in the Northern Virginia Daily. I know that this is my second note to you, but you are a great inspiration and you are very deserving of the continued recognition!

HeartFelt Angels is a great project and I applaud all of the selfless acts you and others who support local families in need of infant clothing.

Congratulations again and please do not hesitate to contact me if I can ever be of help in any way.


Jill H. Vogel

(Side notation) Congrats again!!

*** Can you tell why I'm on cloud nine? This was what I needed to bring a smile to my face and into my heart again. I bounced around the house like a little kid - "Look what I got"!

My charity needs me, my family and friends needs me, and I am appreciated for HeartFelt Angels and the work we do for so many people. So... back to crocheting for the babies!!!


Faith said...

It is your personal rainbow Beth...
Congratulations on your recognition...this may be the path to lead you out and into happiness.
As for will be a short lived happiness for me. Be ready when the ball bounces back..You are so special..and you are right...important people need you
and your love and attention..focus on that...


Sandy said...

Visiting all Bridge Team Members this am, sorry for your aching heart. Things sometimes happen for a reason, though when you're hearting it's hard to see it that way.

Beautiful letter.