Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I dressed up as Raggedy Ann today and drove to WV see the kids. When Hayden came into the house, he didn't know who I was! Even my voice - he didn't know Nana! Once he figured it was Nana, he kept telling me to take my wig off! So funny! We had a great time playing. Went to K-Mart and Wal-Mart with the kids and everyone got a kick out of seeing Raggedy Ann! It was a really fun time! I needed to smile! And I got alot of hugs too!

I stopped at the Post Office to check my mail and a little girl yelled across the street at me "I love your hair!" (I crocheted the wig part and then latch hooked all the yarn tails on it!) Then as I was leaving, an older woman coming into the Post office parking lot, yelled "Love your Costume!". So here I sit at home, all dressed up and no where to go! hahaha But it was a fun, fun day with Hayden. He is dressing up as Woody from Toy Story!


Faith said...

Hi Miss Ragedy cute you look...Hope your Halloween was full of good treats....


Sandy said...

Sooooooooo cool. You look adorable in your costume. I know you had a ball doing that. Fun, fun, fun.