Friday, October 9, 2009

A Beautiful Reminder...

I had some business to do down town. When approaching the front doors to the building, something told me to look down. There at my feet was this tiny, yet beautiful leaf. I looked around and all the leaves close to me were old, crumpled, broken, scattered. I picked it up and carefully carried it with me. I shared it with the clerk and she said "How precious!" I told her I thought the colors were so pretty, I just had to pick it up! She told me "One of those stop and smell the roses moment!"

When I walked back outside, I looked on the ground and all the leaves were the same. Not one leaf had the beautiful colors as the tiny leaf that caught my attention. None of the trees around the property had this leaf either.

The picture doesn't do it justice - the colors are beautiful!

I soon began thinking that all the leaves I saw on the ground, each one held a different problem I am going through right now. In the center, was this beautiful leaf. A simple, yet beautiful reminder from God: that throughout all troubles, hope remains, and He is always with me!


Faith said...

It is a beautiful leave, and they are all differnt arn't they. The colors vibrant..your message here is clear order for God to
renew and regrow, the winter comes
first, and then the spring..hybernations and re growth..God will provide...thank you for you beautiful message..

Anonymous said...

hello gorgeous

amanda here.thanks for bringing me to your blog,its beautiful.

Sandy said...

Beautifully said. I'm not ready for the cold and the thought of what comes after it; but do enjoy the pretty leaf color.