Friday, January 2, 2009

Belated Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!!!

Here's hoping that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy Holiday! Also, that you had a very safe and happy New Year!

I've added some new information to my blog as I'm learning how to do this thing! I may be computer challenged, but give me a crochet hook and yarn and I'm in heaven! :)

Please check out the charities listed: The Bridge Project. This charity has touched my heart. I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. When I found this charity to make hats, scarves and gloves for homeless people that live under a bridge, I just had to help. I have found a really quick and easy mitten pattern and having fun making them in different colors. They really need all the help they can get, so if you can crochet or knit - please check out the site.

God's Tiny Angels is another charity that touches my heart too! My crochet friend, Danette, is a wonderful lady that has been helping babies with crochet, knit, sewn items for many years. She amazes me with the number of items she makes for the babies - but she loves it! She's definately an Angel for the babies!

Another blog I found is Molly's. I am AMAZED over the number of items she can make in a year and donates her items to various charities. Her work is beautiful! If you want or need some inspiration, please check out her blog. I've been moved, shall I say, to start a count to see just how many items I will make in 2009 and donate to charity!

I am a follower of Bev's Country Cottage and her Blog. I always love to see how she and her family are doing, inspiration, recipes, and any new patterns she has designed. If you ever need a special pattern, look on her site first!

A friend of mine thru my charity, Chris D., has started a new charity herself. I will post the name once I get it. She is collecting hats, scarves, and mittens for the homeless in Winchester, VA. She has gotten a great start for her charity and I donated several hats last month.

Then last, but not least, my charity "HeartFelt Angels". We will be celebrating our 10th year this summer! It originaly started as Afghans for Angels - VA Chapter. At our 5th year celebration, we decided to change our name for various reasons. Over the years, the hospitals were requesting many different items and we "out grew" our name. So HeartFelt Angels was chosen. We are a group of ladies that crochet, knit, sew and quilt handmade items for babies - preemies to newborns. We make things for parents who may be financialy challenged and may not have a blanket, sweater set, outfit, etc. to take their baby home in. We also make items for babies who pass away due to miscarriage, prematurity, still birth, etc. These items that we make help the parents so much because it is something they were not expecting and these little items comfort them during a difficult time. We also make various items for the babies on holidays too! It sure does bring a smile to the units when babies can't be home with their parents and families.

Wow, I got alittle carried away, but wanted to explain my heartfelt crochet! Till the next time... :)

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Sandy said...

Yea got to your blog. Thanks for resending the link. Once you accept the invite, you are a team member and can post. I'll add your name. No need to wait til a box arrives.

Thanks for sending mitten pattern. Working on 2 scarfs today, one crocheted for the Bridge Project, and one knitted for my daughter; then plan to start some mittens. Pretty excited to find an easy pattern.

Looking forward to working together and getting better acquainted. As time goes on, I'll be happy to help with your friends charity as well. So many in need, we must do what we can.