Thursday, January 8, 2009

Crocheted Mittens and Hats

Below is a picture of just 3 of the mittens I am making for The Bridge Project. The first mitten, dark green, I followed the pattern. It looks HUGE! I tried it on 3 guys hands and it fit, but all said the cuff was too long. So I re-calculated the pattern and came up with the second mitten, lighter green. It fit the hands and they liked the shorter cuff. For men, I added 2 more rows to make the mitten bigger, and and extra row for the thumb. I also cut the cuff down 6 sts on each end. I also crocheted in both loops, except on the sl sts, I used the back st. For the women, I crocheted in the back loop for the entire pattern. I really like the pattern! Just wish I could find a quicker pattern! Here is the web addy:

I found another pattern for crocheted hats that is quick and easy too! On the last round, I put fps, bps, alternating around. She has alot of great patterns!

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Sandy said...

Excited you're making progress on our mitten need. Wish I could see the picture of them. It's so small and dark I can't see your work. I looked at the pattern you're using and it's very similar to one I'm currently using, which I think is also very similar to the one on Bev's page. Mine starts with ch 89, you do combinations of sc and slip st's, suppose to st in the back loops only for the ridges, which I am doing but, it's slow. I could be much fast working regular sc and almost did just that. I assume they're stretchier with working back loops only? Directions weren't clear about using back loops for slip stitches, but I figured they should be the same so am. Will let you know how it works out for me. Pattern suggested G I'm using H to make it larger and I don't think with what I have so far it's going to be large enough for a large male as it indicated. No doubt adjustments are needed much like the one you're working on.

Too bad we can't sit side by side and stitch and compare, eh.

Have a great wkend.