Friday, January 22, 2010

Hayden's Journey starts Monday....

Just got word from my son, Chris:

Hayden's white blood cells dropped even more and now they are in a rush for time. He will go to Children's Hospital in Washington, DC on Monday, Jan. 25th. They will be inserting a port into his chest and give him his first dose of Chemo. He will be there for a week. He may stay at the Ronald McDonald house after or may come home for a short stay. Then he will return to Children's for his bone marrow transplant. I will keep everyone informed.

Hayden celebrates his 3rd birthday on Sunday!

Thanks to EVERYONE for your prayers and support....please keep praying for Hayden!!!


Anonymous said...

Beth, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I thought I had a lousy day, until I read about Hayden. My prayers are with him. Miracles do happen, God is always with us. I will e mail you to get your address to send Hayden cards. Do you belong to any Cancer Suppot groups? Friend to Friend on WEBmd, is for breast cancer, but they have other boards as well.

Sandy said...

Stopping in to leave you a (((((((((HUG))))))))), know that I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Also wanted to let you know the box of goodies from your friend Chris arrived today and I just got them photographed. WOW

Please take care, my friend.