Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dr Appts, Hospital visits, and Physical Therapy - OH MY!!!

Where do I begin? Mom had a Dr. appointment with the Foot Dr. this week. All was fine there. Then she had her PT/INR checked - everything fine there too! Today, we went to see a new Dr. for gastro problems she is having. Next Thursday she drinks that wonderful GoLightly prep for a Colonoscopy on Friday...which she is NOT happy about! This Friday, she starts physical therapy for her right knee. She has a Baker's cyst behind her knee and was given a cortisone shot and ordered PT three times a week. She tells me all the time how lucky she is to have me for a daughter and a nurse to her! :)

(Chris and her Mom, Virginia, taken at the 5th Year Anniversary party for HeartFelt Angels)

A friend of mine I met thru my charity 6 years ago, Chris, has been with her Mom in the hospital for 2 weeks now. So much going on with her Mom. She's hardly eating enough to keep a bird alive. They made the decision for her to become a DNR and now calling in Hospice. I've called quite a bit and the past few days, I've gone to see Chris and her Mom more. She always gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me she loves me when I leave. She crocheted ALOT for my charity and made such beautiful things for the babies. She was always very supportive of my charity. When I sit with them, Chris and I just crochet up a storm and her Mom just watches us in between resting. These are a pair of booties I learned how to make while sitting with Chris and her Mom yesterday - they are so cute! Don't you think???

So it's been a very busy and emotional week so far and it's only Weds.!!! No word yet from Trish about the baby.

Driving to Luray, VA this afternoon to pick up Mom's keys that were lost by my middle son, Steven, (when we went to meet the investigator and mow the yard!) and to get her hair cut and check on the house. They were turned in to CVS Pharmacy and they ran the number on her plastic tag thingy and got her name and address from that. They wrote her a letter stating her keys were turned into them and then turned over to the Police Department to be picked up. We honestly thought they were lost forever. That was so nice of the staff at CVS to go to all that trouble to find the owner! So it does pay one way or another to have those plastic key thingys from different stores to get discounts!

Here's a happy picture to share. This is ME sitting on the beach last month on one of the "cooler" days, crocheting in front of the ocean! What can I say - I LOVE TO CROCHET!!!

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