Monday, May 11, 2009

Blankets for Deployed Daddies

While on my vacation, I was introduced to this group, Blankets for Deployed Daddiesthrough one of my crochet groups. The crochet group has CAT's (crochet-a-thon's)and last month was dedicated to this charity. Chuck and I went to A C Moore, when we were in Raleigh, NC and I started making these 2 blankets. Wanted to share what I made for them. They ask for specific sizes and patterns to be used when making these blankets. If you have some extra 100% cotton yarn (the type you use to make dishcloths) and can knit or crochet, they could use your help in making these blankets for the daddies! These little blankets are sent to daddies in the service. They place them inside their pillowcases and the blankets absorb the father's scent. After a certain time, the father's send their blankets home for their babies to use, and it has their daddy's scent on it! Please check out their website and write for the patterns!

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Ghost said...

Nice work on the blankets, love the patterns created with the yarn.