Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beach and Lighthouse Bum here!

On April 18th, Chuck and I drove to the OBX...again! We have been here all week and leaving for Raleigh, NC tomorrow. Chuck's son is being inducted into the Honor Society at NC State University on Sunday. So he made this into a vacation for us. Will be back home on Sunday - late!

We stopped to see Cape Henry Lighthouse. We didn't realize it was on a military base. Had to go thru the checkpoint/security. It was so neat to see 2 lighthouses so close together. The old and the new! We made it to OBX, and went to the other lighthouses in the area to get our books stamped. We climbed Currituck Beach lighthouse and Hatteras! I was so sore and stepped out the next few days after that! But oh so worth it! I even walked around the top of Currituck...hugging the wall!!! hahaha We went to Hatteras and took the ferry to Ocracoke and saw the lighthouse there. It was a fun ferry ride! We wanted to go to Cape Lookout, but time and $$$ just didn't work together. We're saving it for another trip later.

It's been really nice here. Yesterday we went to the laundry mat and a hail storm hit while we were there! Dime size hail! Then it cleared up and sunshine like nothing happened!

It's Bike Weekend here starting today and the Rolling Thunder is already coming to the OBX! Really neat bikes we've seen! I'll share more pics when I get back home.

I've even got some crocheting in while I've been here! 10 preemie onesies and one sweater!

****Super secret project is going out when I get home!**** :)


Faith said...

Hi ya beach are living the life let me tell you....looks fun and relaxing....that is a cery
pretty beach you are on.....I;ll bet you have shells galore.....hope you had a fun to you soon...


Ghost said...

Well, you must be so proud. Sounds like a great time. Can't wait to read about the secret project.

Sandy said...

Congrats! Thats something to really be proud of. Have a safe and good time.

Trying to visit all the Bridge team members to say...hey come take a look and see how we're doing/did. Weather here's been cold and wet several days; but the folks under the bridge are getting some relief, as we are having some nice spring days too.


pssssssss lighthouse, take a peak at my travel blog