Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remember Me????

I'm still around! Going thru a very hard time missing my Mom as this will be my first Christmas without her. She was in the hospital last year this time and we all spent Christmas with her in her hospital room. I promised her that as soon as she got home from rehab, we would celebrate Christmas. We never got to do that. Just so quiet and lonely at home with out her and the kids. Guess I'm really going thru the "empty nest syndrome"! And I don't like it at all! Pete, my parakeet, keeps me company. But not like the the kids and Mom!

Anyway, I posted some pictures of things i have been working on thru the summer, fall, and now into winter on my Crafty Cupboard site. Will post more after the New Year!

As for Abby, she is 3 months old and doing great. I know Matt and Holli are excited about having their First Christmas together as a family. They are still in MN. Miss them bunches too! Can't wait till they move back to VA!

As for Colby and Clayton - the kids got a letter last week from Duke telling them that they do NOT have SCID's!!! They are healthy and thriving boys!!! They have to go back in May for more testing, but as it stands right now - they are SCID FREE!!! So Chris and Trish got the best Christmas present this year - along with the rest of us! I know Hayden and Mom are having fun together in Heaven and looking down on us all. We all love them and miss them so much.

Well, will close for now. Everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!! Stay safe and keep on crafting! Thanks for being my friend throughout the years and for being such support thru all my up's and down's. I cherish all of you!!! Until 2012 - Hugs and Love to you all!!!


Sandy said...

Yes my friend I remember you. Think of you often. I understand the feeling of celebrating a special day, a holiday etc without having your loved ones there. It's a process. We have to remind ourselves to focus on the ones we do have still with us, rather then those who are looking on from above.

Things have been busy over on Bridge and Beyond.

Miss you

Sandy said...


Making rounds from Bridge and Beyond to say hi, and to make sure everyone knows details of a contest with 3 winners will be posted a bit later today. Hope to see you soon.