Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm still here....

It's been a very busy and stressful couple of months here for me and my family. I apologize. I do go in and check out what everyone has been up to and how you all are doing. I may not post, but I do check on everyone! I'm still crocheting when I can or when I want to. My heart just hasn't been into anything lately. Worrying about my Mom, my family, and what Chuck has done to me (and my Mom) again. I will bring everyone up to date soon, I promise.

I have been keeping myself busy while visiting my Mom making slippers. Something quick and easy and not much mental thought into it. Too much stress to work on something with details or counting. I posted pictures on my other blog if you want to go check them out! Here's the link: Beth's Crafty Cupboard

Some good news to share: Trish is having twin BOYS! She found out December 20th. Their names will be Colby Warren and Clayton Axel. They are due in the middle of May. I'm so happy for Trish and Chris!

Also, my youngest son, Matthew, and his girlfriend, Holli, are expecting! She is due in August. Great month - my birthday month! So it won't be hard for GG and me to remember birthdays of the grandkids - they will all be one, or two, or three... ha ha ha!!!

Will post more later - sorry for being away so long. Now to get back to my hot tea, Vick's Vapor rub on my chest and throat, rice bag, and my cough syrup. I honestly can't remember the last time I felt this bad!

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Faith said...

Well, there you are...I was beginning to wonder...had a feeling chuck had something to do with your disapperance, c'mon Beth.

I am so happy about the twins, and the other new grandbaby, you should be moving your hook alot and not wasting time with you know who.. I had remembered about Haydens birthday....that is a sweet picture of him.Stop over when you get time. I hope you are feeling better, we are going through the chest cold stuff here is a rough one this year.

I've missed you..take care stop over when you can..