Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Slippers?

One of the things I did on my birthday was to pledge to make 3 pairs of slippers for The Pink Slipper Project Here are the 3 pairs that I made! I love this pattern. It works up so quick and it's really easy too. And they feel so good on your feet! Doesn't take that much yarn - so if you have some extra yarn laying around, why not make a pair or two for this wonderful charity! The pattern is called Bev's Winter Slippers. Just scroll down alittle bit for the pattern.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birthday, Balloons, and Prayers

Today was my birthday. A friend of mine brought this big cake to me this afternoon - what a surprise! And oh so good too! My son's friend, Charlie, sang "Happy Birthday" to me on the front porch and that was a nice surprise too! Even watched my all-time favorite scary birthday movie "Happy Birthday To Me" about an old movie, right? :) Even played "Happy Birthday" on my piano - my birthday present! But most of all, I miss my Hayden bug being with me today. How I wish I had just one more hug, one more kiss, or one more "Nana". I miss Hayden so much. Then I get this one certain email tonight saying "happy birthday" and it just tore my heart apart even more. Tears and more tears. I honestly hate carrying this lonely heart around. What an emotional end to my birthday. But I thank God for giving me this wonderful day! I went to the Adoration Chapel this evening and prayed for an hour. What a wonderful place to be on your birthday!

***Balloon Launch for Bryan***

In Memory of Bryan's Angelversary on my birthday, August 25th, I did a balloon launch this evening. I couldn't be there for Kim and her family for this event, so I sent hugs and love and balloons to Heaven for Bryan. I know Bryan and Hayden are having fun together in Heaven!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


These are Angels that I crocheted for 2 very dear friends of mine who both suffered a loss. Bryan, age 3, is the grandson of Kim and Carliser is the daughter of Sheila. Bryan's Angelversary is tomorrow, August 25th, my birthday. I crocheted 50 white angels for Kim to give out to everyone tomorrow night at the candle lighting. I wish I could be there with her and her family. But she knows I will be there in spirit and in my heart! I cherish my friendship with these two ladies so much. It took a loss of someone we all loved so much for us to find each other and I believe we will be friends forever! Sending hugs and love to Heaven to Bryan, Carliser, and my Hayden bug!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'll Be Missing You....

5 months ago today the love of my life went to Heaven. My precious little Hayden. Oh how I miss you. I miss your smiles, your laughter, calling me "Nana", playing cars with you, playing on my computer, watching Cars, Wall-e and Eva, Mater the Greater, eating cheese balls, coloring, putting stickers all over my glass sliding door...I miss you so much little man! You were taken from us way too soon. But you are in the arms of Jesus and playing with all your new friends in Heaven. I hope you have met a new friend name Bryan. His Grandma and I are friends and we miss you both! Mommy and Daddy miss you really bad too. Uncle Matt, Uncle Steven and "GG" too! Nana is trying so hard to make it through each day without you, but it so hard. But no matter how far apart we are, your love gets me through! I love you Hayden!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Special Birthday Present

Chris and Trish came by with my Birthday present from Hayden. (Early present - 8/25) What a beautiful gift it was! I miss him so much. Dreading my Birthday without Hayden. Here is a picture of what I got!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

"She's Got You...."

My best friend from High School sent this to me in my email this morning. I played it three times, it is so funny! I needed a good laugh to start my day! Wanted to share it with you all!

As for my surgery, I made out pretty good. My son, Matthew, took me and was such a trooper thru it all. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me. I had a problem in the recovery room, had to stay alittle longer than expected, but everything turned out fine. My 2 week check up went well and the Dr. told me I can ease back into my every day activities. So things are looking up. Slowly, but Shirley! I know, my name ain't Shirley! hahaha

Here is a baby blanket I just finished for a friend to give to her friend for a baby shower. I just loved the teddy bear squares! I used the varigated pastel color yarn and white. Just too cute - she loved it!