Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Birthday, Balloons, and Prayers

Today was my birthday. A friend of mine brought this big cake to me this afternoon - what a surprise! And oh so good too! My son's friend, Charlie, sang "Happy Birthday" to me on the front porch and that was a nice surprise too! Even watched my all-time favorite scary birthday movie "Happy Birthday To Me" about an old movie, right? :) Even played "Happy Birthday" on my piano - my birthday present! But most of all, I miss my Hayden bug being with me today. How I wish I had just one more hug, one more kiss, or one more "Nana". I miss Hayden so much. Then I get this one certain email tonight saying "happy birthday" and it just tore my heart apart even more. Tears and more tears. I honestly hate carrying this lonely heart around. What an emotional end to my birthday. But I thank God for giving me this wonderful day! I went to the Adoration Chapel this evening and prayed for an hour. What a wonderful place to be on your birthday!

***Balloon Launch for Bryan***

In Memory of Bryan's Angelversary on my birthday, August 25th, I did a balloon launch this evening. I couldn't be there for Kim and her family for this event, so I sent hugs and love and balloons to Heaven for Bryan. I know Bryan and Hayden are having fun together in Heaven!

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Faith said...

Happy Birthday Beth... What a pretty cake..with the fall colors....a new year...with new opportunities and adventures. What do you have planned...? Think of all the new people you will meet, and what good surprises lie ahead....more flying?