Monday, October 4, 2010

Catch Me If You Can!!!

September was a busy month - let me see if I can get everyone caught up! This is a froggy I made and she is sitting on my piano I got for my birthday! Isn't she the cutest little froggy?

These are a set of slippers I crocheted for kids for the Slipper Project. I love this pattern - it's my favorite one to use when making slippers.

I made this crochet Angel for Trish to put in Hayden's glass hutch. I made 2 other angels and gave them to my friends who lost her grandson and her daughter. I also made the Mom angel and have it for sale on Zibbet. (Not happy with that one, may go to Etsy!)

A friend and I went to Ocean City, MD for the AutumFest. First stop was at my favorite restaurant, Bayside Skillet. I absolutely LOVE their strawberry crepes...don't they look so delicious!!!!

From there we went to Fenwick Island Lighthouse. In the past when I was there, they were always closed. It was nice to hear the history about the lighthouse and got my book stamped. You couldn't climb to the top, but it was still wonderful to see inside!

Then we went to the beach! We finally found a place to park and just started walking! The sky was filled with beautiful and unusual kites!

We passed the Sand Art. It's so amazing how artists can make such beautiful work in the sand.

We finally made it to the Craft Tents. Alot of neat and unusual items there. I was looking for one vendor from last year, but she wasn't there. It was alot of high end crafts. Had alot of fun looking! Nothing grabbed me to say buy me! Got some boardwalk fries - so delish! Gave the crumbs to the birds - fun to watch them swoop in to get them!

I got to walk thru Salty Yarns store and look at all the yarn, cross stitch, and other items in the store. Outside the store were rocking chairs - just calling my name! So I picked one, with my name on it - hahaha, and just relaxed, rocking away, watching the kites and the ocean. So relaxing.... can't you tell by my picture?

I hated to see the day end at the beach. I love it there. Alot of memories, good memories....all gone now.

Driving back over the Bay Bridge, the sunset was so beautiful. Just had to get a picture. It was a fun day - hated to see it end!

I found a pattern on Ravelry for the crocheted Sock Monkey Hat pattern and just had to try it. What do you think? I could see Hayden running around ina blue Sock Monkey Hat! :)

Trish and Chris got another dog, McQueen. He is a mini greyhoud. So precious! I went over to their house Saturday for dinner and crocheted a sweater for him. Eva just loves her new playmate!

So...busy month - one way or another!


Sandy said...

Looks like a fabulous day, the strawberries look yummy. The monkey hat is cute, I too can see Hayden in it.

I've posted the pattern across the top via a tab, come check it out. I posted a special note with links regarding the challenge. See how you feel about the wording etc. I added a picture to the first pattern from one I made.

Couldn't figure out how to add a picture to the Challenge part, hope to try out your new pattern and add a picture to that page; for now trying to edge squares. Soooooo many projects.


Sandy said...

I've facebooked, and tweeted a couple of times about the contest, posted on Crochetville, and Rav, and The Hive. Have the info in a prominent spot on the blog, added your new pattern with a tab on the blog, added picture to your fist pattern, and next up will add picture to your 2nd pattern. We've official started the challenge, The Mitten Throw Down, lol