Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Have I Been Up To???

Well, this and that!

Here is a picture of my middle son's birthday cake. Since he has worked at McDonald's for years, I just HAD to get him this hamburger birthday cake. He just loved it! He even had to take it over to work and show his co-workers! Steven turned 21 today! We had family and friends here for a cook out.

My oldest son, Chris, turned 25 on July 1st. Him and his wife, Trish, got the keys to their very first home! What a birthday present! It is in Martinsburg, WV, just 1/2 hour away from me. But it's right across the street from Trish's parents! It need some work done to it, but they are having fun working on it! Will post more pics when they get it all finished and moved in! I had a cook out for him too!

We had a bad thunderstorm go thru here after Chris's birthday. Didn't last long tho! This is what it looked like out our back yard!

As for crocheting, here are a few things I've made over the past month.
These are dish soap covers I made from a pattern off of a crochet group on Facebook. I just love these! Arn't they the cutest???

I made these hats and scarves for a charity called Steven's Comfy Toes. The pattern came from Suzie's Stuff. These were alot of fun to make. One set, I used glow in the dark pony beads! Just too cute! I designed the scarf to match the hats.

I made 5 of these baby afghans for my charity. They are called Quick Stitch Preemie Afghan. I just LOVE this pattern! It works up so quick and easy! One suggestion: Ch 64 instead of 65. It gave me an extra stitch at the end. I made 4 stripes for the afghan to make it into a newborn size blanket. We have 2 NICU's that we give items to on the holidays, to help make the day a little brighter for the parents. I was able to give hats with red, white, and blue stars on them, red, white and blue booties, and blankets to Winchester NICU. But did NOT have enough blankets for the 41 babies at UVA. I was heartbroken. I tried to stay up the night before to make as many as I could, and just couldn't get the 12 more needed. It's not fair to take what I have for the parents and half the unit doesn't get anything.

Just wondering what this week will bring? Anyway, I'm crocheting!!!! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe July 4th!!!

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Sandy said...

Glow in the dark beads! Way way too cute. Kids are gonna love them for sure. How very clever you are.

Happy Belated to you son. Hamburger cake, didn't know such a thing existed. My daughter was away at school when she turned 21, so we didn't get to celebrate that with her.

New house........I can imagine the excitement, and will be checking back in for pictures.