Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Magical Day at Oglebay Resort

Hi! I'm still around! I found my 6th grade boyfriend on Facebook back in July. We have been talking and texting and having the best time! Sharing stories about the good ole' days, high school, family and friends. It's been great to re-connect after all these years. Well, we decided to go out on a "date" at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. I had the best time and he did too. We walked around and saw some of the shops there, the glass museum, the Mansion. Had dinner at the buffet and it was so good! Then we took the trolly for The Festival of Lights. That was alot of fun too! We then went upstairs to the lobby and enjoyed the music. Two men played the guitar, and banjo, mandolin, and a large cello. It was beautiful. I highly recommend anyone to visit Ogelbay Resort!!! Afterwards, we sat in the lobby and talked before we had to drive home. It was a beautiful day and I hated to see it end. He's still the nicest guy around. Still good looking too! He always had a special place in my heart, after all these years. He was my first love! I ALWAYS asked my friends about Gary thru the years. So happy he's back in my life....whatever life chooses for us! <3


Sandy said...

Popping round to everyone on the blog list that's donated to let you know Bridge and Beyond is involved in a blogging challenge for the month of April. Would love you to visit, to read, to comment...that's all part of the challenge. Thank you for support. Even if you're not currently knitting or crocheting, or looming, the visits, reading, and commenting are helpful and appreciated.

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Katherine Thayer said...
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Katherine Thayer said...

So lovely place. It's nice to spend Christmas and New Year