Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

It's my birthday, but it's also a very sad day for me. My Mom is not here with me to celebrate my birthday with me. She passed away in March. So this is one of those "firsts" to live thru. I miss my Mom so much. She was the best Mom. Always there for me, supporting me, loving me, guiding me, hugging me, putting up with me...the best Mom. She was the best Grandma and GG ever. Gone too soon. It's so hard. Just wish I could skip the entire day and move on to the 26th. At least for me.

On to other news and laughs for you! The EARTHQUAKE! You know, the one that has been in all the news on the East Coast! I went to my Mom's property to mow. I was taking a break and sitting in a folding chair in the front yard, by the front porch, talking to my son, Chris, on my cell phone. All of a sudden I felt my chair wiggle. I thought - it's not that windy out. Then I quickly thought, I'm not then I heard the front door to the house start shaking and the glass in the door shaking...I yelled in the phone to my son "Oh My God, we're having an earthquake!" Well, he proceeds to tell me I'm crazy! haha By then, me and my chair were really rocking and I jumped up and looked at the house. All the windows and the door were shaking! I told my son what was happening and he didn't want to believe me. Then people started coming outside, yelling and asking what is going on and poor kids screaming and crying. It was alittle scary! Having gone thru tornadoes but never a earthquake, was just alittle scary! Especially finding out that the epicenter was in Mineral, VA, which was 72 miles South of us! So no wonder I was a rocking in my chair! My son called me back and said "You know, I was wonder why the ceiling fan was moving around" He thought it was his wife jumping around! hahaha They live in Martinsburg, WV, which is about 20 minutes North of Winchester where I live. So that turned out to be a very interesting day! I finally got the entire yard and garden mowed. I was tired when I got home!

So much for now...hugs and love to all!

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