Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby Things :)

Made this baby afghan, hat and bootie set for a friend. It was made from the Quick Stitch Preemie Afghan pattern. I turned it into a newborn afghan. I chained 91 with an I hook, which made 29 shells across, and then did 71 rows with the border added around it. I used a 4 ply yarn of varigated light blue, light green, and white yarn that I got in a pounder bag from A.C. Moore back in the day! It turned out alot prettier than I thought it would be! She just loved it!

ALOT going on here - My Mom was in the hospital around the first of the month with diverticulitis and a perforated bowel. Thought they were going to have to do emergency surgery, but they didn't. Pumped her full of double antibiotics and sent her home 3 days later. She has to have surgery on December 3rd. She is NOT looking forward to it - she tells me she is scared. I can't blame her. Who likes surgery? So we won't know till he sees the damage to see if she will need a bag for a short time or he can connect the ends of the bowel together. Please keep my Mom in your prayers - I see some big changes going on here. I pray for strength for all of us!

Trish was in the ER last week. She went to her OB/GYN appt. with right side pain. They sent her to the ER with possible appendicitis! I sat with her thru it all. The surgeon came in and did NOT want to do a ultrasound! He wanted to do a CT scan, but couldn't since she is pregnant. He told us an ultrasound is not a true test to see the appendix. (WHAT? You can see babies the size of rice, gallstones, etc., but you can't see an appendix to see if it is swollen or disformed??? No, I did not tell him I was a nurse - he made me mad!!!) He said they could admit her and observe her or go for surgery, but she would lose the babies. We OPTED for the observation. Her parents got there later and I told her to ASK THE OB/GYN Doctor to do the ultrasound, which she did! It wasn't her appendix! It was a big cyst on her ovary giving her alot of pain. They let her go home the next day and will be monitoring her with this. I got to see the babies! Seen their little hands, their feet, their little spines - so precious! So all is well with her - well, except for the nausea and being tired - they are really picking on her! :)

Back to crocheting.... :)

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Sandy said...

Love it, so pretty. One of my favorite color combinations, blue and green.

Been meaning to ask if you might be able to tweak your latest mitten pattern so there's more of a cuff, fit tighter at the end. Several folks who used your pattern added cuffs which is nice and I'm adding some to others. But, having never written a pattern...I'm clueless and thought you might be able to do that.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?