Sunday, December 6, 2009

Big Hit at Craft Show!!!

I did a craft show Saturday...and these Cupcake Purses was my biggest seller! I sold out! (These are just a chosen few I took a picture of!) Have had alot of people talking about them and asking for orders. So I wrote up a short note and sent an email out to family and friends to take orders. Since I am still job hunting, no job yet, I thought I could use my God given talent to try to make a few extra dollars to give my family Christmas this year! If you know anyone that would be interested in placing an order for these Cupcake Purses, please let me know!

They can be made in chocolate or vanilla base with any color for the icing and either color beads or white beads. I even have a purse with glow in the dark beads! Just too cute! They are $4.00 each. Asking for $1-2 for postage to mail them out. To place an order, just send me an email to with Cupcake Purse Order in the subject line. :)


Sandy said...

They are darling, what age girl are they the appropriate size for? Wondering if it would work for my niece.

Glad you were able to sell so many at the craft fair.

Crochet Princess Beth said...

My son's GF is 18 and she loves them! The oldest I saw was 12 at the craft show. They were fun to make!

Ghost said...

Very nice cupcakes.

Faith said...

Hi Beth,

These are cute...why don't you set
up an Etsy account? Hope all is well. Glad you did well at your craft fair...

Faith said...

poppin in to say hi...hope all is well..


Susie M said...

Those are really cute Beth! I think you should charge more than $4.00 for them. I'm sure you could get at least $8.00.
Take care!
Susie M.