Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back!

Wow...where to begin?

This is Hayden playing in the pool with his Dad and Mom, in my back yard. He wanted me to get in and I said Nope! hahaha

This Hayden and Uncle Matt playing with cars in Uncle Matt's bedroom. He has the Jeff Gordon car in his hands - no better car to play with, huh? :) Hayden was recently diagnosed with having Microcephalic. (Just after the loss of his baby sister) He's 2 years old and only weighs 23 pounds. They say his head is the size of a 5 month old baby. We are taking him to University of Virginia for a second opinion and to get him better help. He's such a cutie and so smart! Lil' guy has been thru alot lately! Please keep him in your prayers? Thank You!

Here is a pic of a hot air balloon that frequents the air around our neighborhood, the past few years. This was 2 weeks ago. One summer, he landed right behind my house! It's such a pretty balloon - I never get tired looking at it when he comes around!

I made these 25 pairs of baby booties for a charity, Children's Aid, in Virginia. One of my crochet groups I belong to has different charities they crochet for each month and this charity was for the month of May.

Two of my son's co-worker's asked me to make them a pair of baby booties for friend's having babies. So these are the two I made for them. (Sorry for the blurry picture!) The blue pair came from an Annie's Attic pattern book dated 1982! Old pattern, but still a cutie!

As for family:

I have to go to Chuck's tonight to stay and take him to the Surgical Center tomorrow (Monday) to blast his left kidney - he has kidney stones! He is in alot of pain. After his CAT scan, the Dr said he has more stones in the right than left, but the left has a stone blocking. So he has more pain on the left side. Nauseated and fever too. I'll be glad when he is stone free! Maybe I should get one of his stones and mount it into a ring, or earrings???? LOL (Just kidding!!!)

On Tuesday at 0630, I have to take Mom to have her colonoscopy! It was changed because she was on Coumadin and Plavix and we were not told to stop the Plavix too! So had to reschedule the appointment. Then my youngest's sons birthday is that day, along with my charity meeting at the hospital that night. (I need a twin or a clone!!!)

As for me - I had an arthrogram (and those things hurt!!!) and MRI last Weds. for my left shoulder. I fell cleaning my bath tub and shower and messed up my shoulder Dec. 2007. I had surgery in April 2008 and ended up with a frozen shoulder. Had months of physical therapy. Then after I used up all of my time at work, even an extension on FMLA, I was placed into the Per Diem position. When I called a few months ago to check on my job, they hired someone in my place and I was terminated March 27th! I'm still having pain in my shoulder, still can't raise it up straight or lift dishes into the top shelf. It's been a nightmare ride with this injury. So I have to go see the Dr. next week and hopefully he doesn't say surgery again! He said I can go back to work, but it would have to be an office job. 1-33% use of left arm, can only lift up to 10 pounds. Can't find a job with those numbers. So I keep on going the best I can! So much for being a nurse! But thankful I can still crochet! :)


Faith said...

oh my Dear Friend....what the heck? I am so sorry to hear about all the pain and suffering you have had..and continue to go much for all of you...
Prayers for all of you....a big family prayer.....for you all....
for angels to watch....and Jesus protect...
The balloon is so pretty and colorful...nice's good thing I didn't take the pictures...Glad your back, I have
missed you.....


Danette said...

the booties are very pretty, I am sure the charity will be happy to get them. little one looks like hes having a great time in the pool!

Bunny said...

You certainly have your hands full. Hayden looks like he is enjoying the pool. I could use one with this humidity. Yuck!
I will certainly keep everyone in my prayers. Please update as you can thanks.

Sandy said...

Cute booties, which pattern do you like best to make? The one you used for your firends or the mound of them you made for your charity? They are look adorable.

Sorry to hear the should is still not what it should be. Hope things improve.

Cute cute pictures of the little one playing, got toes and fingers crossed for that situation too.

Life sometimes is just one thing after another.

Hang in there
come for a vitural tour on my travel page, it'll be like a mini break for you. lol

Sandy said...

Don't forget about your award. Just stopping back in as the wkend dwindles away.